8 Years And Counting

on 02.19.2007

February 20, 1999, the official start of crazyshit.com. It‘s been eight long years friends and I tell you what we are only just getting started. I am going to take this 8-year anniversary opportunity to tell you all how we came up with this idea for crazyshit. Hell I might even throw in some interesting facts of how we arrived in this current date and time. Let‘s get started on this mother fucker…

How it all started: Me and this guy Mike had formed a website hosting company, and were hanging out drinking some beers at my boss‘s office. See I still worked for a website design company at the time. Mike and me actually were doing all the hosting for the company that I worked for. On to the story…as we are sitting around having some beers we are just bullshitting and talking about websites. Somehow I got on the subject of some of the emails I had and how they were some "crazy shit". I snapped to Mike, "check and see if crazyshit.com is taken"...it wasn‘t! We registered it, and basically forgot about it. Back then; you could register a name for free for 30 days before you had to pay for it. That night we basically just drank a fuck ton and didn‘t think of it again, till next week.

Next Friday, we were drinking again, and Mike was going through the list of domains that we had registered. He was like, ohh, yeah, we have that crazyshit.com domain. I said to get it on the server and I‘ll get some sort of design on it, and put my pictures I have in my email on there. So as he was setting it up, I was getting the design done. About an hour later we had the site up. First picture ever is of my buddy, Coleman D. sleeping under a friend of mine‘s truck in Key West Florida. He was passed the fuck out drunk. (ps, if you see the date on there isn‘t in accordance with what I‘m talking about, when we first started the site, we didn‘t have dates in place so I wasn‘t sure when it was supposed to go where, so I just made up a date when we moved to site to a new backend.)

A few months roll along and every Friday I update the site with some shit I get from emails, but something strange is going on now. I keep on getting more and more emails. From there I notice people are coming to the site. Not just a few people either, it started out like 300-400 people a day, then quickly grew to about forty thousand people a day. This is in a span of about year. In about that time, it‘s really hard to tell with the statistics program I was using back then, but I think we were maxing out at about sixty thousand people a day.

Here‘s where the story takes a horrible turn. We have all these people on the site. We aren‘t making a fucking dollar, and our co-location facility (where we have our server at) is threatening to shut us down because we are dragging down their whole network. At this point, we have only a few advertisers, and they weren‘t paying shit. We didn‘t know about the adult companies that would pay for advertisers, hell we barely even knew what the fuck we were doing. After talking to a few companies and nothing was working out, we decided to make crazyshit.com a pay site (this is the bad part).

I was worried that I didn‘t want to charge too much for a membership, just enough to cover our expenses and make some beer money really. So how much is too much? At first we were thinking a dollar a month, but that would be twelve bucks a year. Way too much. Well how about five bucks a month? Good price, but the credit card fees will eat us alive, and we wouldn‘t be actually getting any money out of it. Some where in between…seven bucks, for a year, perfect I thought. Not too much and not too little. This was about March of 2000. I remember the Saturday night we made the change, like it was yesterday (which is surprising for me, since I don‘t really remember yesterday). We had everyone at the house all there for the switch. We were taking turns answering emails to people, and getting some not so nice emails from others. All in all, besides the fact that I was having a small heart attack, it went well.

Ok, here‘s the bad part: Sure we have our members coming to the site on a daily basis. But no new people were coming in really. This is where the new members where slowing down and the eventual hitting of the bottom of the barrel. The best thing about being on the bottom of the barrel is that there‘s only one place to go, and that‘s up. At the lowest point of this time, we had about a thousand to two thousand people coming to the site a day.

Next chain of events makes crazyshit what it is today. During the low point of the site, I talk Mike into agreeing about us going to a free crazyshit.com with "benefits" for our already paid members. During this point the money coming in is basically nothing. Nothing is an understatement for sure, I don‘t think the website made like two hundred bucks that month. Mike had just had a kid and was hurting bad, and had made the decision to leave. I bought him out of both crazyshit.com and our hosting company in September of 2003. Now I didn‘t have to deal with anyone, I could make the site what I wanted it to be, like I envisioned it. This was the start of it all.

I started working my ass on crazyshit.com. By January of 2004 I had already doubled the amount of people coming to the site. Also nothing was off limits anymore either, I put up all the shit people have come to expect. I have to say, it‘s been a long weird road so far, but I wouldn‘t change it for a thing, that‘s for sure. Since I bought the whole deal, I have moved to three different offices. We now have 6 servers running the site. Jesse works here just about full time doing only videos and pictures on the site. I am working on the backend most of my time, I also manage the ad sales on the site and occasionally put new jokes up etc. We still need another employee, but like the saying goes, good help is hard to find.

As for the future, it‘s in your hands now. I am working on some of the things on the site that will make you in charge of what we see. The site is going full swing into putting the community first and foremost. We will be here to contribute and make sure we all enjoy our ride to hell. I hope you enjoyed the crazyshit.com story. I left some shit out, but it‘s only to protect the innocent and the douche bags that were involved with us at one point or another.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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