New Feature Added To CrazyShit.com

on 03.13.2007

After a few days of BETA testing from the peeps at the forums, we are live with our Crazy Shit in the News feature. Basically we just ripped off the idea from other websites. The whole idea is more about sharing the crazy shit that we find in the news every day with everyone else here. This new feature is reliant upon our members for new news sources.

The members are starting to take over around here! I'm giving an inch here, let's see if you guys and gals take a mile. You get to give us your own headlines and put the category of what that news article should fall under. Of course, I get to play editor, I even have a very plush editor pocket thingy. Or maybe it says "press", I'm not sure.

What if you are not a member of the site but still want to send us headlines? Well join up you mo, it's free. It's easy as shit, and umm, it's free. Once a member, you can post comments in the peanut gallery, post in the forums, and now post your crazy fucking news links. Also, by becoming a member, you might actually get hit on by one or two dudes that are pretending they are girls. How awesome is that?

Ok, here's the basics. The Crazy Shit in the News, can be found in the "More' link on the top right. Or on the left side of every page, in the "Hot Links" section. If you want to leave a comment, just click the number next to the headline. It's good stuff.

Crazy Shit in The News
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