Hey Imus, Crazyshit.com Will Hire Your Ass!

on 04.12.2007

Imus, we got a position for ya here at crazyshit.com. This is where you really should be, itís crazy shit man, you can say what ever the fuck you want. We donít care, thatís for sure. Just look at our forums and the peanut gallery, they basically say what ever they want whenever they want.

I have to admit, I have never really listed to old Imus, Iím more of a Lex and Terry kind of guy. But if you like to call some women nappy headed hoes, well buddy, you have a special place in my heart. Hey old buddy, you can start calling Al Sharpton a racist nigger if you like. Maybe throw in that the people at NBC are a bunch of cowboy hating kike fucks that have anal sex with mothers. See here Imus, old buddy old pal, you can say shit like that. Not only that, you can wear your cowboy-hat-O-racism here in our office. Sure most people that wear cowboy hats might not be racists, but it seems that your cowboy hat draws the racist attention to you. Do what I do buddy, get yourself a nice Nazi SS hat. Now that sucker will command respect and no one, and I mean no one will call you a racist. Fascist, maybe.

On another note, hereís another great reason to join us at crazyshit.com. South Florida is the leading place for retirees. Not only that but we are the leading place for retirees that, like yourself, seem to have suffered from a stroke and left half of your body paralyzed. Here in our office, we wonít make fun of how you talk with one side of your mouth. Shit Iím sure Greg would even wipe some of the drool off of you. Jesse might even change your colostomy bag once and a while. I doubt it though, but he might. You might have to share some of your Gerbersí baby food lunch with him. He likes the smashed carrots the best I think.

So the offer is out there. Itís up to you, you can call anytime, Iím sure you know how to get a hold of us. One the subject of money, do you really need more money? Heck isnít working in a great environment enough? We have a blast here, and I think youíd fit right in. We could even get one of them big old time microphones and hook it up in the bathroom and youíd think it was a recording studio. With your own chair you can poop in. Not like you donít do that in probably all the chairs you have right now, but this one you can flush.

Ok, good buddy, think about it. And I included a nice picture of you and a snappy SS hat. Enjoy!

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Fuck that loudmouth nigger. What happened to the good old days when he would get a woopin and spend a night in the box for sassin back?
posted on: 04-13-07 @ 11:46 AM

does the punishment fit the crime? or is it a case of over correction. why announce that you are suspending him for two weeks, and then fire him for the same offense. the man made a more sincere apology than mel gibson, isiah washington, and michael richards combined. and what he said was far less repugnant than any of the aforememntioned trio's comments. add to the fact that imus' statements were an ill attempt at humor, and not a dodge to rehab away the time until his comments faded from the public's memory. who gets fired and the most villified? the one person who WAS truly sorry for offendidng a team of runner ups. now the team that cme in second will be remembered.
posted on: 04-13-07 @ 8:56 PM

the 1st admendment is dead.
posted on: 04-17-07 @ 11:21 PM

lets never forget Jimi the greek. He just rehashed some hard old facts and the pussy media had his ass tossed. What the fuck is all this comformity doing for us? Noting,its a new brand of hate mongering. Smugg arogant shit disturbing.
posted on: 05-03-07 @ 2:09 AM