Talk Radio At It‘s Worst.

on 05.04.2007

Ever want to listen to the senseless babble of some idiots with microphones? If you answered yes, then do we have a treat for you! Crazyshit.com‘s staff has broken into the Talk Radio biz. We didn‘t do a real radio show in the sense of AM/FM, we gots the internet for our show! Yuh, we bought some mics, found some extra bandwidth, a case of beer and now we are broadcasting suck straight to your computer.

Why do we have a radio show? Why not? Like there is a really go answer to that, not likely. We felt that the quality of internet talk radio was really starting to get good, so we had to knock it down a few pegs with our suck.

When do you broadcast? We will start off doing a show every Thursday, at 5:30 pm EST. If it turns out that we get a better showing of listeners we‘ll do it more times a week. But for now, once a week is good enough. We will usually broadcast for about 3 hours. It seems like a long time, bit it‘s not really, it fucking flies right by.

What do I need to listen? Simple. Winamp, Itunes, Media Player, or Real Player. Basically anything that can pick up a shoutcast stream.

Where can I find out more? Ohh this is a easy one:radio link.

Ok, enough questions and answers, here‘s some pictures from last Thursday‘s show:

Greg, Jesse and Dave starting off the show right

Grrr talk radio really sucks now

Me breaking it down for your ass

Scott and Jesse trying to bring some sort of respectability to the show

Who the fuck drinks Natty Ice? Dave?

Second beer spilt. This time all on my desk

And under my monitor

Jesse and Greg getting all close and personal

Greg might be the come back kid, but he never came back

It‘s hard work keeping up with the chat room and talking. When drinking.

"I swear it was Dave‘s fault about the beer spillage."

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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