The Results Are In, I Dont Have AIDS, Wooo Hooo!!!

on 07.10.2007

Yes, you read that title right, I dont have HIV, or any other sexually transmitted blood disease. Its a fucking load off my mind, thats for sure. I had the test done about a week and a half ago, and there have been some worrisome nights since the great news.

Now Im not rubbing it in on the people that do have any of those diseases, I really feel for you, but I am happy Im not one of you. While waiting for the results to come back, you know there is all sorts of shit going through your mind, where you are thinking about what is it going to be like with the HIV. One of the worst thoughts was that, if it did come out positive, you could just date women with the HIV too. Then you could have all the unprotected HIV sex you wanted, and no one would get sick(er). But those thoughts are in the past now.

Honestly, I dont even know how I let myself get into this position. I mean, I do know what happened, and how it went down. But I cant believe I actually did that to myself. All I know is that I am about to quit drinking Absolut and sodas forever. Because I drink those drinks like Im drinking beer. Slamming them one after the other, till you take some chick home that youve never met, and could have questionable past. Bone her, have no recollection of boning her. Wonder why shes at your house when you wake up. Why theres no condoms or condom wrappers around. Then the HIV thoughts come. That was a few months ago. It hasnt been an easy ride since then.

One of the other bad parts about all of this was going to the doctors office, and asking for tests. I know that they are professionals and what not, but you hear two nurses talking and then them giggling, and you think they are talking about you. Its nerve racking, I tell you. Then you have to be all cool like, tell the doctor that you want some tests done, because you got way to drunk and raw dogged some hoochie momma. Good times.

But its over with now. I can go back to what normal of a life I have and hopefully find some other chick to raw dog and start the cycle all over again.

Dont be silly, wrap your willy

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Congrats!! Now to see what the paternity results are...
posted on: 07-10-07 @ 6:14 PM

^^LOL! There! I finally used LOL on the internet! You guys are writing some good shit here, keep it up!
posted on: 07-11-07 @ 12:11 AM

hey jay d,a buddy of mine,same senerio as yours.11 months later comes up say he is the father of her little bastard child.he asked how she knew it was his.her remark was,because its not black.he took the test and sure enough he was a daddy.with no rights and 600 a month support.ive had to talk him out of eating his pistol a couple times.your right to quit the vodka it will make you forget to breath.peace out!
posted on: 07-20-07 @ 7:39 PM

it take's at least a month for hiv to develope detectable antibodies. you may want to keep your dick in your pant's there romeo! you may still have it..
posted on: 07-23-07 @ 2:43 AM

stupid asshole's like you are why this fucking black plague keep's spreading. get retested in about 6 month's. i'll bet a 50 dollar bill it'll be positive. of course by then you'll have infected a few other's.. DOUCHEBAG!!
posted on: 07-23-07 @ 3:06 AM

hey i thought you guys were gay anyways.....lmao...
posted on: 07-23-07 @ 6:56 PM

Umm, you know it takes about 3-6 months for the virus to be detectable right?? I mean, you can't fuck someone then a week later go and get tested because it definatly won't show up but you could still be infected. Just giving you a heads up...
posted on: 08-23-07 @ 2:22 PM