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on 08.07.2007

It's August folks and I have to say I have no fucking idea where the year has gone. This has been an interesting year, I feel like we have so much new stuff going on. We have the new blog system, were you can just divulge all your deepest and darkest secrets. The new Crazyshit Radio is a blast, and we have finally started making our very own crazyshit videos.

First things first. I have to tell you guys that Jay, Greg and I work hard everyday to bring you the craziest shit out there. The trials and tribulations we go through just to make you all smile. For instance everyday for like the last two weeks we have been coming to our humble office here in south Florida only to be greeted by one of the most God Awful smells ever. The lovely scent of rotting flesh. This smell is bad enough to make you puke. Just imagine something dead and decaying away in near 100 degree temperatures. Apparently someone or uhhh something has died right outside our office door and with this ridiculous heat baking it everyday I assure you the smell isn't pleasant. We could have quit right there and called it a day, but no!!! We have people to entertain...or at least piss off.

Jay has been working around the clock on this new blogging system. I don't know all the details about it and when I ask him, he just kind of grunts and walks around like a drunken zombie of some sort. I do know however that we have a working version of it on the site now, click here and check it out. Go ahead and write about that time that you let the Varsity Football Team take turns giving you thick, gooey, creamy facials. It's ok nobody will say a word about it. I promise.

If writing isn't your thing then perhaps you would like to listen to our ramblings about nothing, and how important nothing truly is on our Radio Show. We have actually recorded all 13 or 14 shows I forget what number we are on. Crazyshit Radio is a blast!!! I actually enjoy doing the show every week. We get to hang out drink some beer and make fun of people, sort of like what we do when we go out drinking only we are doing it on the Radio. Fucking Awesome.

As if that weren't enough. We just started making our own Crazyshit Videos, and let me tell you they are pretty fucking funny if I do say so myself. I never realized how much work goes into making these damn things, but it's well worth it in the end, when people are laughing their asses off at what you've created. We have only made two so far: WORLD GORING LEAGUE FINALS! and HAMAS SUMMER CAMP! Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back.

Anyways go check out all our new shyt and keep your new ideas coming, we love that shyt!!! Stop by the forums sometime and say hi. Remember all this Shits is for you!!!

Jesse U, jesse@crazyshit.com
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