Mid September Site News

on 09.12.2007

Woo hoo, yet another feature added to the site. Yes, as you know I am always trying to make crazyshit.com better and I think this feature has really done it. Also in today's updates some new cool things coming down the pike, like our "Week in Crazyshit.com" videos, and some other shit.

First off, let's start with the new feature. It's called "Related Shit", basically when you look at a video or a picture, we figure out some other videos and pictures that kinda in some way shape or form relate to it. It's actually pretty cool, and I have been using the shit outta it, that's for sure. I started on one of today's pictures, ONE SIZE FITS ALL, then to THE WAY THINGS WERE MEANT TO BE then clicked IS SHE PREGNANT?, after throwing up a little in my mouth I clicked THE HOLY ASS. At which point I decided it was time to rough up the suspect, and take a nap. Good times.

As you can see, the "Related Shit" is truly a great yet very disturbing thing. Use it wisely young Daniel Son. For the power of the wang is to great for one man…I have no clue what I was just writing about, it's late, and I'm tired.

On to the other part of the update, the "Week in Crazyshit.com", ahh, yes, this is one cool weekly addition…I think. Basically, it's like a news recap of what went on at crazyshit.com all week long. From the Peanut Gallery, Pictures/Videos, Forums, heck even shit around the office. We had fun on the first one, and we are going to be doing this shit every week. To get on there, you're going to have to post some good shit.

As a extra bonus update, from the story we posted awhile ago, New Bad Asses On the Block. I am belt testing in Jui-Jistu for green belt at the end of September. I'm pretty excited about this since I hate being a white belt. So far I have lost about 25 pounds, I just wish my cardio could get a bit better. Nothing like a 5-minute fight that makes a person want to just fucking die. Welp, wish me luck! I might need it, more like I need luck on not going out and getting drunk the night before.

Adios cracks and spearchunkers.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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