Why I Hate Doctors And Doctor‘s Offices.

on 10.24.2007

For the last two weeks I have been trying to deal with one doctor‘s office that has been driving me insane. First off, two weeks ago, I had hurt my knee in jiu-jitsu. When I say hurt, I mean, I couldn‘t walk that night. Good thing I remembered I had a brace that I use on my knee when this shit happens or I‘d still be out of luck.

This was on a Wednesday when I got hurt. I call my doctor on Thursday morning, and I get an appointment for 10:45 am. Nice I‘m thinking, I‘ll get all this shit done in no time. I get to the office at 10:50, sign in and sit down. About 45 minutes later, I‘m thinking maybe they missed my name on the list or hell they forgot about me. I hobble over to the counter and ask the girl there if I‘m going to be able to see the doctor. She says, ohh yeah you are going to see him. Next thing you know, I‘m ready to sit down in the other little room now. So I go in there, sit, wait. Another ten minutes rolls by, pretty much an hour since I got here at this point, the doctor walks in.

At this point, I‘ve almost decided to leave, when he walks in. He says, what‘s the matter. I explain what happened, ask him if he wants me to take off the brake, he says no. In the same breath he says, you need an MRI, do you want anything for the pain? I say ok, and no I don‘t need anything for the pain. He‘s gone. That‘s less than two minutes that motherfucker was in there and now he‘s gone. How the fuck could we not have done this about an hour and a half ago?

I see the lady up front, she says they can get me in for a MRI right now, sweet I say. Let‘s do this. Off I go to get my MRI. This is all Thursday, the day after my knee got hurt.

Friday rolls around, and I call the doctor‘s office to see what the results are, leave a message, never get called back. Monday I call in and get to a nurse. She says nothing is torn, but they want me to see a orthopedic surgeon. She gives me the name and number of someone they recommend. I‘m thinking sweet, we are moving along now. I call up the number to find out they don‘t take my insurance. Arggghh. Call my to my doctor‘s office to speak to the nurse. No answer, leave a message.

Tuesday, in the am. I call my doctor‘s office to get the nurse. No answer, leave a message with secretary. Nurse never calls back. Wednesday, same thing, this time wait on hold, for about 15 minutes, then get forwarded to nurse‘s answering service, leave message. This goes on till Monday. I call right when they office opens up. Talk to the nurse, tell her what‘s going on, after I told the secretary that I had called and left messages for 4 days last week. She puts me on the nurse. Nurse gives me the number to another place.

Same old story, I call this place and they don‘t take my insurance. What the fuck is going on here, it‘s not like I have some fly-by-night insurance, I have Blue Cross Blue Shield. Guess what, I call back and can‘t get a hold of the nurse now.

Two days go by and decide to try this one more time. Call up, actually speak with the nurse and she says, let me do some research and I‘ll call you back. I‘m thinking no way is she ever going to call me back. Sure as shit, 20 minutes later, she calls back. Gives me the name and number to a doctor that I can‘t even pronounce. Fuck it, who cares, I call the office up. I ask to make an appointment, "I‘m sorry sir, our computers are down and will be down for about an hour and a half, can you call back then?" Me,"Yeah, sure." Thinking to myself, why don‘t you take down my number and call me back when you are all working. "Ohh and sir, our next appointment is in November". Right, I‘m calling you fucktards back, so I hang up.

I call up a friend of mine that had some knee surgery before, ask who he had, if he liked him, etc. He gives me the name, I head over the Blue cross website, and look up the doctor. First off, it‘s a miracle that I found a doctor that takes my insurance, so I call up before I wake up from my dream. Sure enough, the lady answers the phone, can take me on Monday, and she even took all my information over the phone, holy shit, it‘s amazing that someone actually did something right!

On Monday we‘ll see what‘s going on for sure. But all I know is this, when I got my knee hurt, I had bee training for like 6 weeks for my belt test in jiu-jitsu. There was no way that I wasn‘t going to test for that shit. I passed that Saturday, got my green belt and haven‘t been back since. I can‘t wait now to go back and beat up some white belts!

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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