Let‘s Try This One More Time...Vegas Trips

on 11.09.2007

I know that I am not the best person on keeping updates about what I do and where I do them at. This weekend, we are going to the city of Lost Wages. I am going to try, and I stress try to blog they whole time. With photos and stupid stories of me peeing in hotel rooms. Good times. If you are curious , my blog is here:


If you are already a member of crazyshit.com, it is free by the way, you can subscribe to my blog. I know, it‘s really fucking exciting...not really, I know, but fuck we atleast try to make it seem like we are exciting.

On other site news, I am working on redoing the home page. It‘s a bit of a pain in the ass, since we have so much shit going on at the site, and we are trying to fit it all on one place. Shit sucks. If there is anything on the site, you‘d like to see featured that we don‘t really spotlight too much, please let us know. I know we have about 400 people at any given moment in the Forums, but those people are just lurking, none of them log in to contribute. Fuckers.

Besides home page work, we‘re finishing up the uploads of flash movies. We will still show WMV (Windows Media Videos) but the default is Flash based movies, which just about every person on the internet has the plugin for. This should solve some of the problems that some of you guys and gals are having when you try to see the videos.

Ohh and watch out for tomorrow‘s Week in Crazyshit. It‘s coming in from Vegas! Wish me luck, I need it! We are going to be playing poker, for the most part. I just hope I‘m not the sucker at the table.

Peace and chicken grease.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
you should do crazyshit radio from vegas
posted on: 11-09-07 @ 2:07 PM