You Canít Run Away From Gay...

on 11.29.2007

Every once in a while a little thing happens that makes me so happy I canít even express it in words. Itís in my top ten list of things that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Itís a way of letting me know that there is a balance to the universe and people eventually get their just deserts. That thing I am speaking of is whenever one of these homophobic wackjobs in government or running some Super Church that preaches about all the evils of gayness get caught being the very thing they say is ďWrong and Immoral.Ē GAY!

Now before I go any further I will let you, the reader know that I am not gay and use that word occasionally to describe something I donít like(i.e. "That's gay"). So Iím not really politically correct about the whole gay thing either. That being said I could give two shits if two people of the same sex wanna go out and buttfuck, scissor, or whatever the hell gay people do in the privacy of their own homes. I believe your sexual preference is your own business and as long as your not bangin dudes in my front yard we donít really have a problem. Why? Because I hold the belief that as long as you are not hurting anyone you should be able to do what you please.

Trent Lott resigned this week out of nowhere and people speculated it was because of some new lobbyist rules. If you donít know who Trent Lott is he was the Republican Senate Minority (formerly Majority) Leader. The major news networks speculated his early retirement was due to some new lobbying rules that would require him to not be paid obscene amounts of money by businesses that already have him in their pocket. Seems like a pretty cut and dry story but I smelled something fishy. Later on in the day I come to find out that Trent Lott was accused of having relations with a MALE PROSTITUE.

This revelation made me wonder what the hell is going on in the in the world where a man will speak out openly against something he himself is guilty of. Itís akin to a black man running out and doing speeches for the KKK. Except this is no Dave Chapelle skit itís real motherfuckin life. It seems like the more Homophobic these people act the more gay they become. Take that guy Ted Phelps for instance. The former fundamentalist super church leader who was a sponsor for a whole bunch of anti-gay legislation. Subsequently he was outed by a male prostitute who said that they used to do the whole gay sex thing AND crystal meth when they got together. I have had my past indiscretions with drugs but never have I had the desire to bang dudes and chase the dragon. Actually that situation brings a whole new meaning to ďChasing the DragonĒ. I digress.

The lesson to be learned from all these things is that if you really donít like something another person is doing and they arenít hurting you then leave them alone. Gays arenít gonna invade your kids schools and turn them gay and you arenít gonna catch ďThe GayĒ just by being understanding of other peoples lifestyles. Now what you might actually catch ďThe GayĒ from is being a hypocritical bigot. There is no scientific proof of this but with all the homophobes getting caught playing footsies in airport bathrooms recently it kinda makes you wonder if there is a connection between homophobia and and being a closeted gay hypocrite. So next time you go out gay bashing or talking about how you actually give a shit if two dudes get married remember you might be turning yourself gay. And as the saying goes ďYou canít run away from GayĒ

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
you tryin' to tell us somethin', greg?
posted on: 11-30-07 @ 7:26 AM

^^^^^what he said? is that why we see alot of gay porn here greg???
posted on: 11-30-07 @ 1:38 PM

Greg J.
^^^^^well that explains why you are such a regular FPG!;p
posted on: 12-03-07 @ 2:26 PM

IMO, gay is wrong. Not because of religion or ignorance, but the parts don't match. Peg A goes in slot A, not peg A with peg B like they're trying to start a fire or slot A rubs against slot B like two interlocking phone books. Just because the massses give in and create a wider pool of "acceptance", doesn't make it right. It certainly has gone full circle though. It used to be that "gay" was hideous and banished, but now say one bad word to the gay culture and you're an outcast. I guess all you can do is wait for it to turn again. BTW Greg, this article is gay.
posted on: 01-18-08 @ 10:38 AM