End Of The Year Cometh.

on 12.27.2007

Christmas is over, and New Years Eve is less than a week away. That means we are just about done with 2007. Wow how time has flown by; I was actually shocked at how fast Christmas came around. This weeks update is a quick one; Im just going over some shit that has happened in the past few days around here. Also, some pictures from the Crazyshit.com holiday party. Ready, set, go!

As you may or may not know, we do a little thing called "The Crazyshit.com Week End Review". Its basically a compilation of the shit that goes on around here. From inside the office to pictures, videos, and comments. Well now we have added a little segment that we call, "Ask the Staff". Where you can ask the staff any question you want and we try to answer it as best we can. Actually, as you guessed, we dont do a very good job at answering them, but hey, were not here to actually help out your lives. Now if you would like to get your question(s) to us, please email them to me, jay@crazyshit.com and Ill try to it into the Week End Review.

Last week we had a huge server move. We moved the four main servers that run crazyshit.com to another facility. This place is basically Fort Knox of server-dom. Its fucking tighter that a ducks ass. I am really excited about this place, since the room for growth is just amazing. Now all we have to do is get you guys and gals to tell all your friends about crazyshit.com. Can ya do that for me? Huh? Come on old buddy, I know you can do that for me.

Lastly the fun part; Our Christmas Office party! This year it was a bit different that the past years. Mainly because Greg has started working here, that ment we had an extra heads at the party. The more the merrier I say! We went to our favorite watering hole, where we ate chicken wings, deep friend pickles, and cheese fries. There was enough there to feed like twenty people. Even though it was basically me, Jesse, Greg, Scott and a few other friends. We killed it all too! I didnt have a running total on beers drink but judging by the tab, it had to be well over two cases. Jesse got smashed off his ass, and ended up falling asleep at the last bar. Greg actually stuck around for about an hour and a half. Hes a busy man, and had better things to do. Thanks again to John and Cheryl for being some badass bartenders. See all pictures here.

Jesse passed the fuck out at the last bar.

I am pretty sure I will update one more time before the year is up, so keep an eye out.

Peace out nuggas!

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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