Times, They Are A Changin

on 02.11.2008

Times, they are a changin

If you haven't noticed CrazyShit.com has been going through some major changes lately. You could call it a corporate shakeup, but I think you have to have more than two people working at a time in order for that to be true. Essentially we are trying to revamp the site to provide unique content and faster response times for our users.

For all you haters out there we submitted "The Daily Shit" to a couple different sites out there to see what the response would be like and it was overwhelming. I am happy to inform you that we scored higher than the fat kid from "Stand By Me" on another site which rates funny videos. So the next time one of you motherfuckers dares says something about how we suck, I will post nothing but less funny Jerry O'connell videos for the rest of the week. Actually we would never torture you like that. Plus we are afraid you wouldn't come back.

Some other exciting changes around the site include the beginning of a redesign of the site. We are still trying to get the paperwork for all the naked anuses that will be decorating the site, but once we find out who Random Anus #52 is we will be on our way to a brand new look. We will be changing the interface around slightly to make it more user-friendly but putting one big button in the middle of the screen that says PORN. Then we will put another smaller button at the bottom of the screen that says "Everything Else" which will also link back to PORN.

If you haven't noticed the site is that it is fast as shit now. Jay has been working behind the scenes to correct centuries of shoddy programing to make the site load up as quickly as possible. If you'll notice the pictures in the forum load quicker as well as the rest of the site being sped up also.

As you may know we aren't the only video site out there so that's not very easy to bring original content but no one would dare steal "The Daily Shit" and the "Week in Crazy" so you can say that's all original. Think about it… What other asshole site do you go to that has the owner and some guy that everyone mistakenly thinks is gay giving you news of death and despair every weekday for free?

Finally the last new edition is Fat Pizza Guys Homosexual Motorcycle Club. We would send you the link to join but he says that he is the only member allowed in the club…

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
You know, you guys will never be Bob and Tom, but fuck it, they'll never be you either. You need to take Crazyshit on the road, go out and find the crazy shit in your area first, then have us roving reporters find it for you. Make it...CSNN, the CrazyShit News Network. Yeah, then sell it to Ted Turner for a gazillion dollars and he can put it on cable....yeah!
posted on: 02-11-08 @ 4:12 PM

Greg J.
Sounds like a winner. Time to get Teddy on the phone.
posted on: 02-11-08 @ 4:24 PM

Good job boys.....I love this fucking site !! Greg....I think your fucking hot, bot don't let that go to your "head"..hehehehe !! MMUUAAAHHH :) XOXO Christine
posted on: 02-11-08 @ 8:28 PM

You and Jay are doing an excellent job with the site. congrats on the improvements...hope you get 'em up and finished soon! Daily shit was the best idea ever, glad to hear you're getting good feedback from nonmembers as well.
posted on: 02-13-08 @ 11:13 AM

Hey I live in Indy and Bob and Tom are old fucking news around here, but Jay and Greg still fucking rock! Keep up the stuttering guys we all secretly luv it!
posted on: 02-17-08 @ 4:48 PM

Wait a minute! FPG gets his own club just for putting his balls on Jay's face?! *jealousy level rising*
posted on: 02-19-08 @ 12:45 PM

No the personal club, wiseguys.
posted on: 02-19-08 @ 1:02 PM

you guys are great, just dont 'change' too much..
posted on: 02-26-08 @ 11:35 AM

I said before Greg, I think you guys are fucking funny. If you guys do suck, you're really good at it.
posted on: 03-02-08 @ 9:07 PM

I visit allot of web sites that post cool vids but this one feels like family. A dysfunctional fucked up family, But family none the less I would have to go to rehab if they took my Crazy shit away Pow pOw poW!
posted on: 03-12-08 @ 10:00 AM