CrazyShit For President

on 04.09.2008

This whole run up to the presidential election has brought up a lot of issues that people hold dear and true to their hearts. One of them is freedom of speech. Now while everyone touts they believe whole heartedly in this article of the constituition many presidential candidates donít support it with their actions. There is one candidate that supports the First Amendmant whole heartedly no matter if you are White, Black, Yellow, Magenta, or one of those tourquoise motherfuckers. They are all welcome at CrazyShit and are even allowed to express how they truly feel about everyone around you.

Of course most time it comes off as something like ďFuck YouĒ or ďEat a DickĒ but hey we are having a dialogue so itís a start. Thatís what free speech is all about anyway isnít it? Being able to tell someone exactly how you feel about them even if it isnít the most educated way of expressing yourself. Most of the time people sit around isolated from the rest of the world and thatís how bad things happen. There is some dude wearing a turban sitting in a cave who is pissed at the entire world that just needs to spend a little bit of time on CrazyShit to realize we are all one big hating family.

Afterall, itís human nature to hate so why would you waste your time trying to deny your fundamental instinct. Thatís why we encourage people to say what they really feel on the site and let the other members tell you what they think about it. That way you donít have to step outside of your cave one day only to realize that everyone hates you as much as you hate them. Once you realize this itís kind of cathartic. Especially when you can agree to disagree and still live together in shit laced harmony.

Words are just that. Words! Things start to get scary when people take these words which other assholes created too seriously and forget that it was most likely made up by someone who was equally pissed off. Youíve got places full of people who will not accept any other way of view than some stupid book dirt farmers made up years ago. The saddest part about it is most of thes ďHolyĒ books say pretty much the same thing but people still interepret them in a way that legitimizes violence. The only violence we condone on this website is inadvertant and previously taped. We would never tell our members to go out and kill people or do anything else besides take an occasional photo of an unusually large piece of feces.

Thatís why instead of an actual person I say we elect CrazyShit for President. Itís a land where anything goes except dog sex and vagina but that has more to do with conservative politicians than anything else. Actually the politicians donít mind dog sex all that much itís the all that female vagina that freaks them out. Something about them all being closeted self hating homosexuals who enjoy playing footsies in the bathroom. So vote for CrazyShit and weíll keep staying away from the weird animal stuff but bring back the Vagina!

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I didn't know the vagina was missing...but there is a strange lack of exposed penis in the world so lets bring that back too!
posted on: 04-14-08 @ 10:53 AM

Great article, Greg. Still trying to save the world one reader at a time through the net, huh? You have my support. I'll be expecting a cabinet position when you're elected, not a closet position.
posted on: 05-07-08 @ 1:23 PM