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on 04.23.2008

Hey folks! Its Jay dropping a few lines to update ya'll to what's happening behind the scenes of old crazyshit.com. I say old, because in dog years, we'd be like 49. I hope none of you old farts over the age of 49 read this. Hahahaha, who I am kidding, they don't read on the internet, they just look at the pictures and bitch about their sore backs. Ohh and as a bonus, I'm throwing in some pictures of my knee surgery I had in January.

First off, last Friday you might have experienced some downtime at crazyshit.com. It's cool, we actually did it on purpose. Contrary to popular belief, mainly from the Forum's Mods, that I got drunk and knocked over a server. I didn't. We are actually setting up some new infrastructure for crazyshit.com that will let us expand to more servers faster if we need to. It is some really cool shit and I think it will allow for some crazy growth!

Some new things around here: The "Crazy Shit in the News" has gotten a face-lift. Yup, we aren't quite done with it, but it is 100% better now, and easier to remember too. Yes sir, it is news.crazyshit.com for all your crazy shit news from around the world. Or more or less Florida, since that is where we have a huge population of idiots living and doing stupid shit to get arrested. Back to the "Crazy Shit in the News", you can even submit your own crazy shit news stories as you run across them. How cool is that? I just gave you a promotion, now you are a editor at crazyshit.com!

Ok, now for the good stuff, I promised here are some pictures that I took when they did my surgery on my knee.

Also here is when they removed my stitches.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Eww Eww Eww!!! What did you do tear your ACL? Cos if that is it I know that shit hurts like a bitch. Hope you are doing better!!!
posted on: 04-24-08 @ 4:26 AM

Nine staples? Suck it up bitch, I had 30 in my ankle. Did you get to stay awake at least? Not that I'd want to, fuck I have enough nighmares already....
posted on: 04-24-08 @ 5:14 PM

posted on: 04-26-08 @ 10:33 AM

I've gotta get this done too and I'm not pumped about it at all.I keep putting it off and everyone's like"it's only gonna get worse,stupid."I usually smoke a fatty and have this bimbo rub it out for me,but she's just a total cunt now.Surgery,here I come!
posted on: 04-30-08 @ 9:21 PM

9 staples? try 9 staples a couple cases of beer and THEN and only then a hospital visit, you know, when the staples get infected.
posted on: 05-02-08 @ 11:45 AM

Next time you are on you knees that long wear knee pads ;o
posted on: 05-06-08 @ 8:55 PM

Is that a tattoo of a daisy? Fuckin' homo.
posted on: 05-07-08 @ 1:21 PM

Owwies! Feel better <3
posted on: 05-08-08 @ 9:26 AM

nice pics Jay, orthoscopic or what?
posted on: 05-19-08 @ 11:54 AM