You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Be CrazyShit

on 05.13.2008

Many arguments on this site revolve around what words are fair game and what words are taboo. We try to provide an environment that makes it easy for people to say whatever they want. This takes some of the power out of the words that normally would get you punched in the face in real life. Many people who would never speak to each other on the street converse frequently on this site which got me to thinking.

CrazyShit gets a lot of flack in the internet world for having a special word in our name. This just highlights the invisible censorship of the internet. It's hard to get your name out there when people constantly frown upon at what they consider a "bad" word. Most of the time these censors surround themselves with people who think exactly the same way. This is mainly because all these people have arbitrarily agreed upon what words are bad and what words are good.

The only way people are ever gonna get along and stop shooting at each other is if they stop fighting over what they deem offensive and learn to have some kind of conversation with each other. Most websites have either one type of person or another, like say liberal or conservative, but rarely do they ever have any type of meaningful discourse. Here at CrazyShit we are constantly at each other's throats trying to find a common ground with the other person. Even if it means coming to the understanding that you will always think the other person is nothing but an complete asshole.

That's why I think we should see CrazyShit as a perfect model for the Thunderdome of this century. We will take all the CrazyShit users and put them in one big football stadium. Then we will get a bunch of pipes, bats, and pig feces throw it all into a ring and fight it out until one person becomes victorious. Once the contest is over everyone who is still alive will realize that even though some asshole managed to beat the shit everyone you still don't agree with him.

This should show everyone that no matter how much they argue someone is still gonna disagree with you. That's why you just have to learn to live with people in real life like we all live together on CrazyShit. When someone yells out a racial slur people are so numb to seeing it the just look past it and don't take it seriously. I would even venture to say that most people are truly joking when they type these racial slurs. That's what this country really needs right now. Instead of banning all these words we need to get to the internet and call each other all types of horrible things that would never see the light of day.

When you are done you can go outside and thank god none of these people actually live near you because they would probably come to your house and beat the crap out of you. CrazyShit is the place to come and get all your frustrations out. Then you will be less likely to call someone at your work a nappy headed hoe and get yourself fired. If you do wind up calling someone something innapropriate blame it on all the time you spend at CrazyShit. Then convince them that calling someone a "Slitch" doesn't really mean anything and if they disagree they should start a membershit and settle it in the forums.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
well said nigga! i woulda called u a slitch, but i'm not even sure what it means. you could be talkin about my mom as far as i could tell, and could possibly be correct. dunno. anyways tell jay to go fuck hisself, pussy motha who cant do the daily shit sick...love, this crazy ass dumb blonde bitch cracker. hehe
posted on: 05-14-08 @ 12:16 PM

anybody out there who dont like my post you can write to me at gofuckyourself@eatme.com
posted on: 05-14-08 @ 12:23 PM

precisely why "GOPHKYRSLF" has been absent for a while now. if it isn't a fucking hoople it's some other asshole. BOTTOM LINE PEEPS: THE MORE PEOPLE THAT GET DRIVEN AWAY IS THE SAME DEMISE FOR JAY'S INCOME. WAKE THE FUCK UP AND KNOCK IT THE FUCK OFF.
posted on: 05-15-08 @ 10:00 PM

Nigger is a nigger,Cunt is a Cunt,Bitch is a bitch. It doesn't matter what you call a person it's weather you have the balls to do it in their face that counts! Call me a Honky or a cracker and i will laugh in your face because it doesn't mean shit to me. If you don't want to be called a name you deem bad in here i suggest you go to church. And even there you will get called that name behind closed doors so just get over it and get on with your life mmmmmmmk.
posted on: 05-16-08 @ 8:26 PM

HERE,HERE. This place is called "CRAZY SHIT",Not "Sensitive Station".As the title implies,pretty much anything goes,so dont go getting your feelings hurt,you fucking pussys!
posted on: 05-19-08 @ 7:28 AM

Well said Greg! Now if you can impress these values on the CS forums.
posted on: 06-01-08 @ 10:19 PM

you can all have a crazyshit day for all I care
posted on: 07-31-08 @ 4:15 PM