The Death Of A CrazyShit Icon

on 06.23.2008

Over the weekend a man near and dear to all of us named George Carlin died of heart failure. The mood is somber around the office and would be much worse if we didn't spend all day looking for videos of people blowing themselves up. George Carlin opened the doors of censorship for CrazyShit and many other instuitutions that might still be censored had it not been for this comic pioneer. He didn't invent the Seven Dirty Words but he did make them mainstream which opened the door to all types of creative expression.

George Carlin started off as a what some people would consider a conservative. One day George realized what most people do and that is these conservative fucks he spent his time trying to entertain didn't give a shit about him or his work. That when he decided to start making comedy for the common folk. He also began his penchant for cocaine binges and not shaving. What most people don't realize is around the time George came out with his famous Seven Dirty Words set you could actually be put in jail for obscenity. Imagine that… Saying fuck you and getting arrested for it. That is the kind of world we were able to escape from because of people like Lenny Bruce and George Carlin.

It is these comic geniuses who make us all laugh that gave CrazyShit the right to say whatever the fuck we wanted. Could you imagine a CrazyShit in the 70's? Lets just say we would all still be in prison right now if they had the same rules that were around back then. Thanks to people like Carlin, who questioned the status quo and why these dirty words were so bad in the first place, mainstream America was able to see these things for exactly what they are… WORDS.

In my opinion by George Carlin showing that dirty words are relatively harmless challenged the establishment with his cutting edge routines and lifted (or lowered depending on how you look at it) the level of discourse in this country to a point where the powers that be couldn't tell you what words were "Allowed". Sites like CrazyShit may have never been "Allowed" if it wasn't for brave souls like Carlin's who were arrested for making jokes that aren't even close to something you'd hear about midget errr dwarfs asses on the CrazyShit Radio Show every Wed. at 7:30pm.

The dirty world we live in right now was handed down to us by our forefathers who paid for it in Jailtime, Blood, Sweat, and Tears. Take time to appreciate that fact that everything on TV doesn't sound like motherfucking Sesame Street and that can be directly tied to comedic geniuses who see what every CrazyShitter inherently knows. There is a fine line between offensive and some shit, piss, vomit, bukake, porn. We all have an idea of where it is but we don't need the government to tell us where it is because we are grown ups and if we don't like it then we shut it off like any rational thinking human being. If you are not one then you can kindly get the hell off the site. Just kidding stick around and click on some of the porn stuff. We promise not to tell anyone.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Excellent article Greg! He was a great man and was so unique to this world. Common sense is something so rare now-a-day, and he was not afraid to express his. Which allowed so many others to feel the freedom of expression themselves, even when it's not mainstream or accepted to think/say such things.
posted on: 06-26-08 @ 5:15 PM

Greg, congratulations on this Well-thought, well-rounded article. I think Twistatoe is right when he mentioned George's tenacity but I think the thing we can all agree on is George's courage. Bravery is the lack of fear but Courage is knowing you are or should be afraid and pushing forward anyway. George knew that the odds against him were insurmountable but he still never hesitated to give them a living middle finger in the face everytime he thought they deserved it whether anyone agreed with it or not. We all lived in our own worlds but many got pwned in George's.
posted on: 06-27-08 @ 3:13 AM

Respect, Man
posted on: 07-26-08 @ 1:00 PM

posted on: 07-31-08 @ 4:08 PM