Ok, I Admit It, I‘m Lazy.

on 07.12.2008

Finally, it's out in the open. I'm lazy. I'm a lazy programmer. I'm a lazy drinker. I'm a lazy homeowner. I am really lazy when it comes to writing these updates. That's what we are here to talk about today. Why I am lazy, and maybe just maybe I can change that to provide some sort of smart ass comments on life in general to entertain you for at least a short while.

What's so hard about doing these updates you say? Nothing really. Right now, I am sitting on the couch with my girlfriend on a Friday night, and we are watching TV, as I bang out these ideas. I have been tossing the update around in my head pretty much on my free time today. I.e. when I was running errors and what not. This means I do have an idea. But the weird part is that I usually have these ideas everyday. That means I could, and I stress this "could", update the site with some sort of shit everyday.

The thing is that sometimes I don't have the time to do it. Or when it's time to do it, it's late and I just want to go to bed. When it first started out, crazyshit.com was just me. Now it's me, Greg and Matt. Then there is the accounting, booking and everything else that goes into running a business. It seems most days I do more work on running the business than actually doing work on the site. Which really sucks, because I have so many great ideas and no time to do them. Ohh and sometimes I like to have a life too.

How can I stop being lazy? This is a tough one. Maybe I should just start writing down an outline of the ideas I have, then maybe I could bang out some updates in the matter of minutes, not weeks. Because let's face it, having this thing updated once a month is fucking lame. I wouldn't want to go to a website where they updated their staff articles only once a month. So I don't expect you to either. I've said it in the past, and I can't promise anything, but I'm going to try to update once a week. Nothing fancy, just a few paragraphs and maybe a stick figure drawling.

Also, encase you were wondering. Being a lazy programmer is good. It means to reuse code, and write less code in total. So is being a lazy drinking. That just means you try to get other people to go get the next round. I work very hard on that. Hell, I'll even offer to buy the round if they get it, but then my friends are lazy too, and they say they'll but it if I go get it. Maybe I need to hang out with some non-lazy people. Then again, I might punch them in the throat, nah, probably not; I'm too lazy to do tha...

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I'm not lazy, I am just unmotivated.
posted on: 07-12-08 @ 6:34 PM

carry a little notebook with you Jay, that way you can jot down ideas when you get them. better yet just carry a pen and you can write stuff on your arm since you're so fucking lazy. obviously too lazy to spellcheck. yea yea eat me.
posted on: 07-14-08 @ 11:19 AM

i'm more lazy than you, i cant even keep a site up for 2 hours. lurn xml and in the end u will be using only notepad to update your site. Or ar you to lazy to lurn xml 2. its easier than it looks
posted on: 07-26-08 @ 1:03 PM

you will become motivated when they turn your lights off or your tapeworm crawls out and chokes you cause It's hungry or maybe after the maggots become to thick to scrach your ballsac but you do what you want this is your place I just enjoy comeing by an looking around thanks Thoward
posted on: 07-31-08 @ 3:58 PM

You're not just lazy. You're also fat, ugly, pale, gay, and a terrible news reporter. Have a nice day.
posted on: 08-06-08 @ 5:14 PM