Crazy Shit Radio And Scott P.

on 07.21.2008

What's up I am the newest member of crazyshit.com staff. I will be doing all kinds of stupid shit here, whether it be co-hosting the radio show, interviewing various people, or just being a fool (I am a natural in case you haven't listened to the Crazy Shit Radio Shows I've been on)

Enough about me lets talk about the show, Crazy Shit Radio Show airs ever Wednesdays at 7:30 P.M. EST. We are in the process of obliterating the internet talk radio landscape, so far the show keeps getting better and better. We hope you all like what you hear and if you don't there is an easy fix, CALL IN!!! Then we will talk about what ever you want unless you are a total retard then we will talk about you. So please tell all your friends because we all want to be huge fucking stars. (If you believe we want to be huge fucking stars you are a total retard)

For every show the mic is totally yours. If you want to call up and call us all dicks, so be it. If no one calls we have topics just to amuse ourselves, and hopefully some of you. This weeks topics are 1. Most Embarrassing Sexual Moment 2. A Time You Felt Most Out of Place. 3. Worst Thing That Has Ever Happened To You or Someone You Know (on weed man…). If you think you have any better ideas please write to jokes@crazyshit.com and if we like your ideas you might want to tune in and listen…we just might use it. Don't forget Wednesdays at 7:30 P.M. EST tell all your friends!

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
First Post!!!! Bitches!!!
posted on: 07-23-08 @ 7:41 PM

I hate you all.
posted on: 07-24-08 @ 2:09 PM

Welcome to CS, you fucking fag.
posted on: 07-27-08 @ 1:38 PM

WARNING this shit is habit forming an have a crazyshit day
posted on: 07-31-08 @ 3:54 PM