Free The Hatred, Bring Back The Beats.

on 08.04.2008

EDITORS NOTE: Cory is our newest writer and will be contributing to crazyshit.com on a regular basis. If you like what he is doing, drop him a comment.

What happened to rap music? Actually, I already know the answer to this, I am only starting this with a question because thatís what cool writers do: they pose a question. Anyways, enough on that, the problem as I see it is that racism is on the decline. Look, I am all for equal opportunity (except for women and some Canadians), but rap music was really good when black people were totally pissed off and poor.

Have you listened to rap music recently? Or hip-hop, whatever....itís basically all about being rich and being VIP at clubs. That sucks. I liked the whole ďkilling people, fucking your mother, shooting white people, steal yo shitĒ beats. What do I care if someone is sipping Cristal in the VIP of a Vegas club? That sucks. I want gunfire back in place of Chris Brown dancing (or someone could shoot Chris Brown, whatever works really).

What the fuck is a ďchamillionareĒ anyways? Thatís so soft. Lets bring back some ďpoppiní caps.Ē I want more ghettos and white people getting caps in dat ass. More crack smoking (or today we could do meth, my God, itís been so long since black music was good that even the drug addictions have changed).

Lets go back to killing white people. I know this sounds racist, but really, it isnít; Iím white and I actually hate white people also. Ever since black people got happy, the whites are now growing at a terrifying rate and there is really no good black music left. Did blacks just suddenly forget that whites enslaved them for years? Did I miss some truce?

If youíre black and you are reading, just know that there are still a lot of white people that talk shit on you (not me, just people I hear talk when you arenít around). And I have reason to believe they are building fortresses intended to eventually exclude you from hanging out with white chicks and from getting Starbucks coffee. Itís your own fault, you got soft.

Itís funny, because when you think about discrimination these days, itís the aimed towards Mexicans. And I have yet to hear any hardcore latin gangsta style music about swimming across rivers, digging tunnels or kidnapping rich San Diego residents and holding them hostage. So really, there seems to be no groups willing to carry the torch.

Maybe itís just a generation passed. So remember, the next time Chris Brown comes on in your local hangout, you did this to yourselves people.

Tim S., tims@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Cory, you're fired.
posted on: 08-05-08 @ 3:19 PM

How many blow jobs did you have to give jay for your job?
posted on: 08-06-08 @ 3:22 PM

who are you? An why are you putting thoughts in my head? Are you from the hospital are you spying on me for them. you'll never get my brain! how dare you even try. what have they done to you? have they got your brain? they are going to put a probe in it you know.they want to know what it is that makes us think the way we do. we're not the ones that are sick it's them there the ones that are doing evil things to us We do not harm them they come after us do they not? why do they call us freaks an misfits they made us like we are It was not our choice. We are not the monsters are we?
posted on: 08-06-08 @ 10:00 PM

Yes modern rap sucks. By some Canadian's I automatically infer you mean French Canadian's and Newfies, in which case I am in total agreement. Nowaday's your best bet for rap music is listening to the old shit, such as the old shit that you never listened to a lot back then, such as X-Raided and Gravediggaz and shit like that. As for the blow jobs question, I am automatically inferring the answer is three, but you also had to have a threesome with him and a fat chick(Greg). That's what I was told.
posted on: 08-09-08 @ 6:19 PM

If you check out the cycles, they're pretty much all the same. When folk music was independent, people loved the hell out of it. It became popular and, after awhile, it just kinda faded out when all of those that got signed either drugged their minds into oblivion or went into rehab. Metal started picking up speed soon after that...same cycle basically but they started smiling about the money they were getting and now the same is happening to rap. This is why I'm glad that Industrial only bottle-rocketed in mainstream music for a bit.
posted on: 08-18-08 @ 8:56 AM

Funny! Well written (except for punctuation/spelling/grammar, and THOSE DON'T COUNT on this site)!
posted on: 09-02-08 @ 10:11 PM