Bernie Mac Dies From Crack Overdose

on 08.10.2008

If you haven‘t heard Bernie Mac from the "Bernie Mac Show" died yesterday from pneumonia brought on by Sarcoidosis a autoimmune disease lung disease thingy he contracted back in 1983. There that‘s the whole story about what actually killed him at age 50. His death reminds me to remind all of you what we try to do here at CrazyShit. A lot of times when people die it‘s polite to not make rude jokes about the person or what ailments they had. Say if I was to mention that Bernie Mac died from smoking crack then people might get offended. But that‘s exactly what we try to do here at CrazyShit. Offend people.

We have a long history of intense emails with ALL CAPS AND EXPLETIVE LACED SHOUTING and people ask to have their membershits deleted at least once a week just because we aren‘t sensitive enough on certain issues. The hilarious part is when you show someone a beheading they barely wince but when they see a dead cat being skinned there is some kind of horrible problem. They even go on to question our morals (as if we have any) which leads me to believe that people are fucking stupid. Not that I didn‘t think that before but I believe it now more than ever.

You see, it takes a special kind of constitution to be a CrazyShit viewer. You will be forced to sit through hours and hours of blurry videos filled with descriptive inaccuracies and feces covered Asians(Our Favorite!). Please expect nothing less that the worse from a website who‘s name ends in shit.

That being said remember the thing that makes this website truly great is YOU the viewer! Which is why you need to find a video or picture and write something as offensive as humanly possible so my inbox(gregj@crazyshit) is filled with people demanding that we delete their membershits accounts and stop staying the night at their moms house(neither of which we will actually do).

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Well said. Some sick fucks will watch shit repeatedly, like the guy being burned alive for raping the little girl in Mexico but then bitch about someone setting a cat on fire. The same sort of fuckers will jack off to the sight of two chicks eating each other out but send death threats when you see some guy tossing someone else's salad. Get some fucking consistancy people. It's called Crazy Shit for a reason. If it was "Lame shit that Greg and Jaye found" then you wouldn't fucking care. The only real bitch I have Greg is that ad you have for that fucking rip off Adult Friend Finder, but hey, you need the ad cash for hair club for men, right? You guys rock, that's all that matters.
posted on: 08-14-08 @ 12:59 AM

Amen to the freedom of speech, if your offended then there's the door! I don't watch every video, and there are many videos that i skipped and many i wish i had skipped but i don't bitch about it. Besides that you have dug into the under belly of some sick shit right? so needless to say there are some sick fucking people out there and maybe just maybe these videos are satisfying that sick freaks urges, and keeping him from leaving his parents basement and stealing, raping, skinning whatever to the neighbors cat... or worse the neighbors dog. So see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil about whatever you find evil. What's your Evil?
posted on: 08-14-08 @ 9:44 PM

My evil is pizza. And Ice Cream. and I have eaten both whilst viewing some crazy shit...but never have I lost control of my GI tract because of some weiner-slicing psycho. I love this shit
posted on: 08-15-08 @ 7:31 AM

hey folks bernie mac died of aids! aids I say he was on the down low with all the other butt fucking faggots help save the planet kill a christian
posted on: 08-15-08 @ 2:43 PM

You big meany (or is it "meanie", I never know when to use "y" or "ie")
posted on: 08-16-08 @ 6:50 PM

and the dude that did chefs voice was murdered by xenu, ho knoew to much of the truth
posted on: 08-22-08 @ 10:40 AM

lmao people did to get over it life is too short to be that sensetive
posted on: 08-23-08 @ 11:14 AM

Fucken Rite!!! I like the shit about that "people are fucking stupid" I feel like you're my brother from another mother. Gregj, props crack kills, Bernie knew it. I'm sure he died happy. It's just a ride bitches!!!
posted on: 08-24-08 @ 3:19 AM

My question is:If these people are so sensitive,how the fuck did they end up here?
posted on: 09-03-08 @ 9:37 PM

ok wait ibeen trolling the video files.. pleeezeee dont tell me im a sick fucking weird-o to... shit fuck gawd damnnnnn...
posted on: 09-05-08 @ 5:17 AM