Ohh How I‘ve Missed You Guys And Gals!

on 09.04.2008

Ohh How I've Missed You Guys and Gals! Like the title says, I've missed each and every one of you eighty thousand people that come here every day. If I could I would come to each of your houses and give you a hug. Kinda like Santa Clause, but I might have a boner in my pants when I give you a hug, and you know I'd make it one of those long slow hugs where you could feel it poking you a bit. Which would make you feel a bit uncomfortable, but you'd still be nice to let me do it. Ahh that would be nice. Maybe you could call me the creepy Santa Clause. Maybe.

Ok, back on track here. Enough with the hugging shit. You might ask, "Where the hell have you been Jay?" The answer is simple. Out and about. A few weekends ago I was at a porn convention in Miami. The following weekend I was in Tampa for a Fetish Convention. The later is much more exciting so I'll talk a bit more about it than the porn convention in a bit.

First the porn convention. It's more about the people that sell or distribute the porn that chicks just going around boning people. Hell, it's almost downright nerdy if you ask me. There are the occasional porn chicks running around, but for the most part it's not as crazy as you'd expect. We mainly got drunk. Didn't take pictures. Drank more. Didn't use the video camera. Drank even more. Went out to nightclub or just…yes you guessed it, just got drunk. BUT, I did get to interview Max Hardcore. I gotta say that guy is a bit weird. He seems really smart, and also very weird at the same time. We did see Denis Rodman there, but he wasn't doing any pictures, so we didn't waste our time with him.

On to the Fetish Convention, it was our second time there. We were basically there shooting chicks for some porn sites. It was usually around 9 hours of shooting a day, so we didn't get to see much of the convention. We did get to walk around the floor for a few minutes, where we filmed the intro to a Week In Crazy Shit.

One highlight of the show was this guy that didn't have any legs. He walked around with his arms. He would go up to girls and ask them to stand on him, like he was a doormat. That's actually what they called him, The Human Doormat.

Of course we are the most normal people probably there, and we must have stuck out like a sore thumb. But here's the best part. They had this whole hotel for this Fetish Convention, and the hotel booked some Women's Christian Collation type shit. It was great! We get into the elevator, next floor some freaky ass girls and a guy get in. All dressed up in leather, with tits and assess all hanging out. Next stop, here's some old ladies get into the elevator, and they just look disgusted. Of course here I am, laughing my ass off, ohh and I have the "Me and Your Mom" crazyshit.com shirt on, so I'm sure they were offended by that too.

I was just glad to get home, sleep in my own bed and not see any more freaks for a while.

Well, here are some pictures from the last few weeks. Enjoy.

Me at poolside at the porn convention. Having a drink.

I have found a friend.

She's found her two friends.

Ohh here's a good place for a friend.

Me and Dave with some lounge singer. Don't ask.

Dave's lashing with a whip.

My lashing with a whip.

Checking out the ladies.

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I didn't sign a model release!
posted on: 09-04-08 @ 5:21 PM

Jay D.
Ohh you did. Ohh you did!
posted on: 09-04-08 @ 6:08 PM

Verbal agreements. So much oral agreements.
posted on: 09-05-08 @ 1:53 AM

Lol, I prefer an oral agreement myself. Good to see ya Jay :) Keep your chin up. (thats what I do to hide my double chin) :lol: ;)
posted on: 09-08-08 @ 2:27 PM

damn they say I'm gay for likeing little titties. An here you are with a perfect pair of the little darlens sitting on your lap. Arnt they pretty. to look at an they will never sag down to her waste
posted on: 09-15-08 @ 1:02 PM

Why does that broad even bother wearing a bikini top? She has negative boobs.
posted on: 09-18-08 @ 6:36 PM

It's funny how your "friend"'s hair color totally changed in bed... And why is he wearing a mask? oh shit! I mean 'she'...right?
posted on: 09-28-08 @ 9:06 AM

lol my thoughs exactly
posted on: 10-05-08 @ 2:45 PM