The CrazyShit Boom!

on 10.06.2008

Now that our economy has collapsed and the breadlines are forming up it’s a great time to remind you about one of the best parts of CrazyShit. IT’S FREE! That’s right TOTALLY FREE. Everyone loves free so how can you argue with that? Instead of going out and renting a movie or getting a hooker just go to CrazyShit and get your entertainment for FREE. Did I mention it was Free? This is also a great time to tell all your soon to be poor friends about how there is they should look at the greatest site on the internet and it is also Free. You can tell them about all the wonderful videos of Asians covered in shit. If that’s not their cup of tea we also have other cultures covered in shit. We just specialize in Asians covered in shit because the German videos are hard to find. That being said you can still remind your friends and family of all the Extreme Sports videos which consist of mostly future dental work patients in the United States. Honestly there really isn’t any reason you shouldn’t be on the site considering just about everything else costs money. Think of all the cash you will save looking through pages and pages of Tits, Boobs, Knockers, Racism, Sexism, Lovism, and just about anything else offensive you could find. Imagine this… CrazyShit has been around for NINE FUCKING YEARS. You know what that means. Nine years of shit you cannot even believe was put on film and graced the internet. Did you know that every video and picture page has recommendations to the side which give you great suggestions on how to waste more time and SAVE MONEY on our site. Also, CrazyShit makes a great gift for all the upcoming holidays. Instead of giving your brother or sister a fruit cake for Christmas admit to them you are broke and tell them you found this great site while looking around for porn on the internet. CRAZYSHIT.COM! In the meantime we will continue to relentlessly search around the internet for videos that make you laugh, gasp, and occasionally want to masturbate to(your secret is safe with us). You know what else is free? Boobs…. And small penises. So if you have boobs, small penis, or both and they are free you should send them to us and we will post them on the site. Then and only then you will get what everyone really wants in life. You know that one thing you used to break all the shit at Mom and Dad’s house for… Attention! That’s right we will keep your secret safe with us but you can always out yourself in the peanut gallery. Either way you will get more honesty and constructive criticism in the form of “Great Tits” or “WTF happened to your dick” compliments. Our country maybe be going in the toilet but that just means it’s even more like CrazyShit than ever before. Afterall we aren’t afraid to call to say our site is shit. In fact, it’s in the name! The only way it could be any better is if it was called FreeCrazyShit.com. Oh wait I just got an idea…

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I tell everyone I know about crazyshit.com It just sucks when they find my naked pictures and lecture me on the dangers of nudity on the internet :(
posted on: 10-18-08 @ 11:20 AM

is it free?
posted on: 10-24-08 @ 5:18 PM

Just because something is free, doesn't mean you should take it. Say, for instance, I told you (in general) to shut the fuck up, it's free. I doubt you would do it for the simple reason that it's free. Now really, shut the fuck up.
posted on: 10-25-08 @ 3:56 PM

i love free stuff
posted on: 10-27-08 @ 12:13 PM

Torturing people on Metal gear solid 4 online is free!(Yes,I'm one of those assholes that constantly does the rolling manuever and melees the shit out of newbs!)
posted on: 11-08-08 @ 8:42 AM