Remember To Vote On Tuesday

on 10.30.2008

It's almost time to vote. Are you ready? Well the election is only a few days away and the world or at least the good ol' U.S may never be the same. The state of the U.S economy is unpredictable, shit's going down, and well I can't think of anything else at the moment but you get the point.

Right now is the perfect time speak your mind and go out and vote, I had a teacher who said if you don't vote you have no right to complain, he also said if I went to college I would waste my money. That guy was a fucking genius and I should have listened. Seriously we all have a voice and we all have an opportunity to be heard.

I can say for the first time the issues are starting to affect my life and feel a social responsibility to go out and vote. Will I? I'm not sure I know enough about the candidates to even have a preference all I know is that something has got to give. From just what I hear they both have good ideas. That's what makes this so tough, how do I fight through the bullshit to find my ideal next president?

First I say the one thing about McCain. I noticed is that motherfucker is really old. Not to old to function but too old to be president. I want the president to be down with the people not some grumpy old dude who's more worried about what others are doing instead of what really needs to be done. He also is not a very good speaker; do I really want an old grumpy motherfucker who doesn't speak well being the spokesman for our nation?

Obama. I got to be honest it took me awhile to get past his name. The first thing I noticed is he was a very good speaker very articulate and had all the answers to the questions asked, but does he have enough experience as a senator to even be president. Will his lack of experience show when it matters most? I am not sure. These are the questions that will hound me for the next few days as I mull over the future of this great nation. Hopefully we all make the right decision, like it matters whoever wins will just fuck it all up anyway.

And on a side note, can you get arrested for voting if you have a warrant for your arrest?

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Excellent Scott! Very 'glass half full' type of read... :lol:
posted on: 11-03-08 @ 10:34 AM