The Man With Glass In His Ass

on 12.09.2008

A video came to us yesterday in the email that shook my faith to the core. I don't really have a specific faith, but if I did sticking glass bottles in your ass would be up there with a hot poker in the eye. Somewhere along the line Assbottle Guy, as we will refer to him from now on, decided he was gonna shove an empty glass jar in his ass.

Little did he know that jar would break at the moment he accomplished what could only be described as competitive eating with your anus. When the jar breaks it initially seems to dissapear with a popping noise that makes you wonder what the fuck happened to you in life that would make you watch a guy shove a bottle in his ass. The next minute and a half ends up being a wince fest involving a lot of screaming which ironically doesn't come from the man with glass shards lodged in his rectum.

Luckily he got most of the glass pieces out himself which I am sure is the rectal equivalent of skateboarding to the hospital with a broken neck. The worst part is you know that bottom end of the glass if probably stuck in there and that's what inspired the NOOOOO! At the end of the video. You can only imagine the poor hospital staff trying to get a logical explanation as to why a glass bottle would break inside of his asshole.

All that being said, this should be a lesson to anyone willing to shove large objects up their buttholes. Make sure it's at leas not a glass bottle. And if you insist on making it a glass bottle then film yourself and email the video to CrazyShit

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
I felt sorry for the guy, I mean that sort of pain is what maybe a child molester or mass murderer deserves, just plain old faggotry (even in that sick and sorry form) don't deserve that. P.S.-The next poof to go turd mining there'll be in for an instant circumcision if the surgeons miss a bit!
posted on: 12-09-08 @ 10:04 PM

who knows maybe he IS a mass murdering pedo
posted on: 12-09-08 @ 10:25 PM

posted on: 12-10-08 @ 1:27 AM

Wouldn't it make a great ad. for ICI glass?...... "....and now watch our competitor's product in the same situation.."
posted on: 12-10-08 @ 1:29 AM

That was the most horrible video I have ever seen.
posted on: 12-10-08 @ 3:48 PM

what the hell did it exspect to happen It's a glass jar I hope it died a slow painful death
posted on: 12-12-08 @ 9:12 PM

"what the hell did it exspect to happen Itís a glass jar I hope it died a slow painful death " Rest assured the bottle did die a slow painful death.
posted on: 12-13-08 @ 4:38 PM

I plan to learn from this and only use plastic bottles in my ass.
posted on: 12-14-08 @ 9:58 PM

Good bye taking a dump, hello colostomy bag.
posted on: 12-17-08 @ 11:56 PM

i couldnt watch the whole vido the stupidity of it was to great and now i find i cant even read the text well kudos to a great shocker video
posted on: 12-20-08 @ 4:10 PM

how could you possibly feel bad for that sad son of a bitch? if you want to stick foreign objects inside of your asshole go right ahead, fine by me. but #1 try to stay away from anything as large as a baseball bat, and #2 try to stay away from anything glass. . . . i saw an infomercial on tv one night and they were advertising dildos and sex toys, and they had a glass dildo. . . hmmm how can that possibly be a good idea??? whats wrong with plasic/rubber?? or if the rigidity was the problem, make it out of stainless steel, this way noone gets hurt. ............................. nighty night keep the butthole tight
posted on: 01-26-09 @ 2:12 PM

By far the nastiest video Crazy Shit staff has ever graced us with, and I agree, this SOB got everything he deserved, fuckin fag
posted on: 02-05-09 @ 6:59 AM

I felt very sorry for the guy. Contrary to what some people think, inserting glasses, jars and bottles is relatively common in the straight world too. In fact, In Brazil, they have a dance that suggests that a woman is doing just that. Anyway, I wonder what happened to the poor guy. I hope he got it fixed.
posted on: 02-15-09 @ 10:59 PM