Someone Threw A Shoe At The President

on 12.15.2008

This past Sunday an Iraqi reporter was so pissed when President Bush uttered the words "The Iraq War is not over" he threw not one but two shoes at him and yelled "This is a farewell kiss, you dog. This is from the widows, the orphans and those who were killed in Iraq." Now many Americans have an issue with the current president, but nobody ever threw a shoe at him. That's probably because nobody in the U.S. within throwing distance ever ever considered the idea of throwing a shoe.

Something to do with the fear of a bunch of sunglass wearing dudes with UZI's spraying you down with automatic weapon fire. That and a certain amount of respect for the president regardless of what he does. Many U.S. citizens will be deeply offended by this gesture of hostility because frankly we are the only ones who should be throwing shoes at our President. If anybody wonders why the shoe was thrown in the first place and that makes me wonder if the person has been living underground for the past 8 years.

People fucking hate America. They hate that we even call ourselves America in spite of two other entire continents full of countries that share the same name. Most of it has to do with jealousy of our badass country and all the hot chicks, but some of it is actually based in the fact that people don't like it when you fuck with their country. Imagine the Iraqi's come to America and hunted down President Bush like a common criminal. You would probably have a whole country of pissed off Americans ready to kill anything to do with Iraq or whatever country was stupid enough to attack the US.

That's exactly what happened in Iraq! Instead of throwing shoes we used tanks and bunker busters to flush the horrible despot that was Saddam Hussein out of his hole. Granted the dude was one of the worst fucking people on the planet and deserved to die for all the fuked up shit he did, but the Iraqi's on a certain level feel the same way about us forcibly removing their countries leader as we do about them throwing shoes at Bush.

Next time Americans decide to be global police and go removing unpopular world leaders they should remember what it felt like to see the president of the most powerful nation on earth get a size 10 redwing hurled at his face. And next time you foreign people think about throwing shit at our president get ready to have your country invaded. Just sayin.

I have to give credit to Bush though for his cat like reflexes. Looks like all that exercise really paid off and kept him nimble enough to dodge stuff people throw at him. Thankfully now that we have a black president there is no way anyone is coming within shoe throwing distance. Either that or he is gonna have to start holding some barefoot press conferences.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Maybe the guy thought Bush was a relative of Al Bundy
posted on: 12-16-08 @ 4:14 PM

are you my mommy?
posted on: 12-19-08 @ 6:57 PM

He shoulda threw some bullets
posted on: 12-22-08 @ 6:55 PM