Extreme Fishing

on 03.04.2009

This weekend 4 foot ball players went out on a boat during what was pretty rough weather. They took a 21 foot boat out to a distance which really isn‘t safe even for the most experienced mariners. At one point the boat flipped over and all the men were left to hang onto the boat and wait for help. Unfortunately 3 of the dudes didn‘t get the wait for help memo and ended up wandering away from the boat which was eventually found.

The first two men, NFL Raiders Linebacker Marquis Cooper and Free Agent Detroit Lions Defensive Linemen Corey Smith, took off their life jackets and drifted away from the boat after a few hours. The third man, who was also a former college football player, was named William Bleakley and he swam away after seeing a light in the distance.

Let‘s get this straight. There is no "Swim for it" when it comes to being out on the in the middle of the ocean. They may have thought things were hopeless so that is why they just decided to wade off into the water. Bottom line, it was not a pretty way to go out. Hypothermia sets in after a few hours in the 60 degree water. Dying from hypothermia has to be one of the worst ways to die. Not that there is a great way to die, but I am sure a huge dose of painkillers ranks pretty high on the nice ways to die scale.

People might say that the men were stupid for swimming away from the boat but once hypothermia sets in you start doing stupid things. There is even one element of hypothermia that has been documented called Paradoxical Undressing which is when these cold ass delusional people start taking their clothes off. Apparently, at one point in hypothermia you start to feel very warm and this prompts your crazy ass to start taking off clothes which only makes things worse. Lets just all agree that Hypothermia is among the shittiest ways to die.

On to the next issue at hand. Extreme Fishing! Why would I even mention Fishing with the word extreme unless you were wearing a chum suit and going shark hunting. Well, because it doesn‘t really take a shark to make fishing extreme. There is an inlet where boats travel out in Florida near the CrazyShit office that is one of the most dangerous if not THE most dangerous in the entire state. One day a friend, lets just call him dave, decides we should go out fishing on slightly choppy seas. We get to the point where it‘s not a flat lake anymore and all of a sudden it becomes life and death shit.

The waves start becoming so big that you can‘t see things far away. If you were to fall off the boat there is a chance you get stuck behind a wave and the people won‘t ever find you. Granted it‘s not some ice fishing shit where your body is fucked in a couple minutes but 60 degree water still will put a hurtin on your ass. There is also these 100 foot "Rogue" waves on the really high seas that come out of nowhere and flip over supertankers that make a football field look little.

Adventure is great but when it involves freezing to death and drowning in the middle of the ocean then you better realize how bad things can get. Even if you are a huge football player it won‘t matter when there is 35 miles of water separating you and the coastline.

Greg J., gregj@crazyshit.com
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