Farewell King Of Pop

on 07.13.2009

As I sit and watch T.V. this rainy south Florida weekend I am shocked at all this hysteria surrounding the death of Michael Jackson. The media coverage with all his fans crying and telling their own stories of how this song and dance man has changed their life. Then there's the resurgence of all MJ related stuff. Forget the fact he allegedly molested of few young boys and all of the personal problems that have seemed to follow him since around I don't know Joe started beating the shit out of him. It seems like his death ironically has pumped life into his ever-fading career.

One thing that could not be denied was his limitless talent. I have to confess when thriller came out in 1983 I thought he was the shit and I am sure most anyone old enough to remember was a fan also. I thought it would be cool as hell if I could get that red jacket with all the zippers, (I never got it, had to settle for the MJ doll wearing the jacket instead). Another thing I always thought was cool was his musical collaborations whether it was the guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen on "Beat It", or the many collaborations with Paul McCartney (who he later butt-fucked out of the Beatles catalogue).

Looking back the first thing I think of Michael is that dude was kind of weird I mean he wanted to be Peter fuckin' Pan, but it seemed as if he never had a "normal life". By that I mean he had all this money no one to tell him "dude your acting like a fucking weirdo". He buys a chimp names him Bubbles, turns his house into an amusement park, turns white, marries Elvis's daughter, has so much plastic surgery his nose basically fell off, sucks a sick kids dick, goes broke, gets even weirder, and then eventually dies. I am sure I missed some stuff but hopefully you get point. The dude was weird. And now he's dead.

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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Agreed, Scott. Fucking FINALLY somebody says the truth
posted on: 07-13-09 @ 8:27 PM

thats the truth he did rock at one point but ya cant go sleeping with monkeys and little boys your home alone with .....have a nice dirt nap weirdo
posted on: 07-17-09 @ 12:32 PM

posted on: 07-17-09 @ 11:06 PM

i rem when i loved mj i paid to much money to see him in concert, i was a small child.and later in my teen years i was still a fan not as hard core but when he paid the money too the family of the kid that was it for me.that was addmiting gilt in my book.i threw out the jacket albums and all when that happend now im kinda regreting it i could be making good money off his sick ass rite now lol.but just like all other things it will pass in time and all the items will collect dust. and lose value.and things will go back to normal.i just hate that he broke so many fans hearts by doing the things he did.
posted on: 07-23-09 @ 11:13 PM

people loved to hate him, i would have loved to kill him but i guess his doctor beat me to it. saying that theres profit to be made on his death I've seen t-shirts, badges, posters and all sorts of crap with his pale face plastered on it. last week i went in to buy my favorite magazine and the shelves stacked with all types of magazines with the front pages being the death of MJ, why not if it helps sell. i wanna see a crazyshit t-shirt with MJ on it
posted on: 07-24-09 @ 7:27 PM

who gives a fuck, he never gave me a hardon, good riddens to bad shit...fuck off pervert see you in hell...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhhhahahahh
posted on: 08-04-09 @ 6:55 AM

Michael Jackson rest in pieces, nose here, chin there
posted on: 08-06-09 @ 7:51 AM

at least its safe to take my kids into K-mart now!
posted on: 08-08-09 @ 1:12 AM

Didnt like his muzak then dont like it now and never will like it....
posted on: 08-13-09 @ 4:06 PM