Tims Pre Mid-Life Crisis

on 08.18.2009

As I sit here contemplating life and how I am so happy that I have got the updates done for the day, that is when it hits me. Lately, I have been inclined to try shit out that I have never done before. Call it a mid-life crisis at 24 if you want, I am not exactly sure what it is. It all started with a trip to The Keys for Lobster Season. Nothing too extreme I know, but it was something I had wanted to do so I did it. By now I am sure you fuckers are wondering what the point of this article is, well the time has come. In my latest "pre-mid-life" crisis adventure, I have included myself in a group of 3 people who are about to embark on.. Alligator Season. As I said before, Lobster Season really was not a big deal, I mean sure there are sharks in the ocean, but nothing too life threatening. Alligator Season on the other hand, a little bit more dangerous and quite a few life-long consequences could come out of it. I write this today as the season starts on Friday night.

Before I get into my predictions I would like to explain a little about what goes down during Gator Season. For each permit, you are allowed 2 gators. Now the tricky and dangerous part is how you go about catching and killing the damn things. Im sure all of you would just take a gun and just shoot you 2 gators and be done with it. That my friends is illegal and you will surely go to jail. Another thing is that you can not have a motor on your boat. No guns, a paddle boat and a fishing rod is basically what we are going to be using to tackle a big ass gator. Sounds like a fuck ton of fun doesnt it?

My predictions are as follows :

1. Everything goes smoothly, we bag our too gators with no problem. Gator Skin Boots For All.

2. Not quite as smoothly as we hoped, but no limbs lost and we still get our 2 gators.

3. We dont catch a single gator and live the rest of our life in shame.

4. Limbs are lost, if its a hand, preferably the left one.

5. In the process of catching a gator, one, if not all of use get eaten.

There you have it folks, my predictions on what Gator season will bring for the 3 of us. Stay tuned as I will update this with the outcome.

Tim S., tims@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jay D.
You are soooo losing a arm!
posted on: 08-18-09 @ 3:44 PM

You are soooo fuckin' nuts!! Why don't you try noodling those big fucking first & work your way up? Good luck you crazy bastard :)
posted on: 08-19-09 @ 7:55 PM

Shit! FISH!^^ Big fucking fish!^^ Have your IT guy put a delete option on here so we can correct our shit!!!
posted on: 08-19-09 @ 8:00 PM

Jay , You might want to invest in a voice command PC for Tim as he may lose both hands and Tim you should take a video cam and record it for CS that way if(when) you get bit you can claim workers comp.Be safe you crazyshit.
posted on: 08-22-09 @ 11:00 AM

Jay if Tim dies can I apply for the job?
posted on: 08-22-09 @ 12:55 PM

Jay, WHEN Tim dies can I have the job?
posted on: 08-22-09 @ 1:47 PM

^^^competition everywhere^^^
posted on: 08-22-09 @ 6:26 PM

posted on: 08-22-09 @ 6:27 PM

No dick pics? Screw that!
posted on: 08-24-09 @ 1:58 PM

noodling for gators! Lmao!
posted on: 08-27-09 @ 12:46 PM

^^^i want lots of pics of dicks being cut off and shit, means less competition for us normal weirdo's
posted on: 08-29-09 @ 5:25 AM