Gator Season Day 1

on 08.24.2009

As you all know last week I posted (original post) about how Gator Season was starting and I gave you a few predictions. I will be continuously updating the staff article section each week with the Gator Hunting results. This will go on of course until we get our 2 gators, the season ends or one of us loses a limb/gets eaten.

Day 1 : I finished the day up here at the Crazy Shit office at around 5:30. At that point in time I hurried home to get everything prepared for the first night of Gator Season. We were greeted by a Florida Fish and Game officer as we entered the property on which we were going hunting. Traveling around the edge of the water in the truck, we patiently awaited a spot in which we would launch our 12 ft paddle boat. Of course the weather was shitty and it looked like a scene out of the movie Twister. Being all hyped up like a addict who just got their latest fix, we decided to throw the boat in the water right when we park. We paddle out and of course it is not dark yet, as were about maybe 500-600 feet from shore, all of the sudden the wind picks up. The storm in which I stated earlier was coming and fast. Lightning began to show it's face all across the sky. At this point in time we realized that we needed to get our asses back to shore, until this storm blew over. This was a fucking feat in itself. As we tried to paddle back, the wind had a different plan for us. Instead of going straight, the wind pushed us all over the fucking place. We eventually made it to shore and sat and waited while the storm passed. As the sun set, darkness ensued and we put the boat in the water, again. Let me tell you, going from pitch black to shining your spot light and seeing dozens of beady red eyes all over, was quite the sight. I was on spotlight duty while Dave and my brother rowed us through the darkness. Occasionally we would get close enough to one and try and hook it. This was a battle all on its own. Evidently casting a treble hook with a fishing pole is not that easy. Dave‘s accuracy was, let‘s just call it, far from perfect. A couple misses here and there finally made us paddle back to shore and try a different approach. Instead of trying to catch a gator with 3 of us in a 12ft boat which by the way was taking on water. We decided to try and catch one from the bank. As 3:30 a.m. rolled around we had caught nothing and just lost our last treble hook. We were now out of the tools needed to catch the gator. This is where the night ended, 7 and a half hours of gator infested darkness and we wound up with nothing but a few bug bites.

Hopefully next weekend we will have better results. With a little tailgating and some fine tuning I believe we will be able to bring in a nice sized gator. Yes, I did say Tailgating. Evidently just like you were going to a damn football game with the boys, you are supposed to have a pre-gator hunting party. BBQ Pork, chicken, beans and some ice cold beer. Until next week, this is Alligator Huntin Tim saying peace out!

Tim S., tims@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Tim, Next time use raw chicken or a live one if you can get it or maybe a homeless guy that always ask for $$$.
posted on: 08-25-09 @ 2:14 PM

Just swim out and grab one Tim I need the job...
posted on: 08-25-09 @ 8:17 PM

Pay atention. This is a tried and true method of catching gators. Go to the local pet store and buy some live mice. Rats are better, but cost more. While you are out, get a cheap plastic water hose, 5/8 or 3/4 is better. Do not get 1/2 inch stuff. Its too small to carry sound and vibration properly. Now, to prepare for gator hunting, you must also have a shark rod and reel ready with a SS leader and some small diameter fishing line cut to foot long sections. You need one section per mouse or rats. Have large trebles attached to the leader. Have a flat board such as a 1X6 about 6ft long. Cut your elcheapo hose to two 10ft sections, remove the brass ends. Timing is important. Gators, like all reptiles, prefer to eat during the early morning hours then relax in the sun and allow the meal to digest warmly. Nocturnal feedings are not uncommon, but that is more because prey can see the hunter. Also, most gators are found on the northernmost end of the pond/lake. This is so they can face the south and east easier in the morning to enjoy the early sun. At the hunt site: Have the board and hoses ready. Ease one end of the hoses in the water; one deep, one shallow. Each serves a different purpose. Tie fishing line to the mice/rats' leg and tie to the leader. Tie only one leg to the leader. Three or four mice/rats are best. Cast the leader/mice out to water about 10 feet from shore directly in front of you immediately after smacking the water's surface with the board. Works best with two people. One smack the water, one cast. Try to time it so the mice hit the surface around the same time as the smack. Don't smack too hard. This simulates something falling in the water and the mice/rats swimming further the idea by swimming and creating panic waves. The hose that is deeper in the water is one you "grunt" into. The shallow hose is there to make a bubbling sound--use it first and third. Blow into the shallow hose then "grunt" into the deeper hose. By doing this, you simulate a drowning noise and the grunt simulates a gator coming the the scene. The grunt vibrations encourages other gators to the scene. Once close enough, the gator will get the mice/rats and you have him on the hook. Reel it in until you can hit it with the bangstick. You have a gator.
posted on: 08-26-09 @ 1:49 AM

Better luck next week!
posted on: 08-26-09 @ 12:41 PM

Jay D.
zedex, where's the part about losing a arm?
posted on: 08-26-09 @ 1:35 PM

I wish I could see a video of someone doing all of these to catch a gator, it would be like a 6 instrument one man band.
posted on: 08-27-09 @ 12:43 PM

well tim if all else fails you caught a buzz right.
posted on: 08-28-09 @ 11:59 AM

Just a guess, but I think zedex has been gator hunting at least once lol! Dayum Dude! You da shit! Da gator shit! Da crazyshit!
posted on: 08-28-09 @ 1:53 PM

The part about arm loss is a deep secret, but, being a nice guy and all, I'll share. If you see a gator and cannot bangstick him, have a buddy you kinda trust hold the bangstick while you swirl your arm in the water from the side of the boat. Make some splashing sounds and struggling gestures in the water. As a gator jumps out of the water after your arm, move back quickly and have your buddy bangstick him.. Oh, yea. Be sure your buddy has fast reactions and does not have a nervous disorder. Not quite a law but a grand suggestion. And yes, I've hunted gators many times. Never came home empty handed
posted on: 08-29-09 @ 1:01 AM

just go down to the shop and buy some BEEF, BEEF is what normal humans eat, if you want to eat reptiles, then i recommend you make friends with some of the natives around this place and let them catch you dinner, fuck you nutter's must be hungry to eat FUCKING REPTILES, YUK
posted on: 08-29-09 @ 4:20 AM

I recomend using Mexicans for bait...they are cheap, and you can find them anywhere these days..lol
posted on: 08-30-09 @ 7:40 PM

thats not the way Steve Irwin does it
posted on: 08-30-09 @ 8:46 PM