Gator Hunting Part 2

on 08.31.2009

Gator Hunting 2009
So round 2 of gator hunting was this weekend. We started the night off right out of the gates. Dave snatched one and we ran to get the boat. After running down the bank with the boat, like we were in the fucking olympics, we finally get it in the water, the pursuit was on. After about an hour of weeds, broken rods, near amputation and harpooning, the harpoon tip came out right through our line. Fucking wonderful feeling that was. The night went on and we lost quite a few of our hooks, to the bottom of the canal of course. At just about 1 a.m. we got into another one. Instead of fucking with the boat, we got him close enough to shore that we could harpoon it, or so we thought. My brother is halfway in the water, with the gator in front of him, still unable to reach with the harpoon. We eventually get it close enough to harpoon and realize it was not the size we wanted to kill. My brother then decided to lasso the fucking thing, like you see on the television. After about 15 minutes of getting this thing on shore, jumping on it and taping its mouth shut, we caught our first gator. After our picture session, we made sure the hook was out of it, cut the tape and let him go free. 7 Foot 1 Inch is what he measured at, not bad for our first gator I must say.

The ride out, look how amazing that sky looks, got to love Florida storms.

7-Foot 1 inch. Our first gator any of us have caught, we did not kill it, we realeased him, waiting on a bigger one to kill.

Gator Huntin Tim Baby!!

My brother and the gator saying hello.

Tim S., tims@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Jay D.
Tim looks gator crazy in that pic!
posted on: 08-31-09 @ 1:40 PM

Wish we had shit like that in our country, the best i can do is pike fishing.Pikes have been known to kill small dogs,but it's no gator is it.
posted on: 08-31-09 @ 2:13 PM

Dibs on his shoes
posted on: 08-31-09 @ 8:15 PM

Hell Tim, I never thought you'd really get one. Props man! Mussa been a helluva adrenaline rush. Oh, and good one willy!^^^
posted on: 08-31-09 @ 9:19 PM

Catch a bigger one... and make it snappy! you crazy fuckers.
posted on: 09-01-09 @ 5:40 AM

Man, I gotta get in on that shit.!!
posted on: 09-01-09 @ 10:41 AM

looks pretty harmless actually, like a big bullfrog, try doing it with the daddy gator next time, better still, get back to the desk where you belong bitch
posted on: 09-01-09 @ 12:47 PM

looks like some pretty cool shit
posted on: 09-01-09 @ 1:28 PM