Should We Keep The Week In CrazyShit?

on 09.21.2009

At the beginning of last week‘s Week in Crazyshit I asked the question should we keep the Week in CrazyShit? I have gotten a bunch of responses from fans of the WICS. I‘m still on the fence about it. But we are going to try something a bit new this week. Keep your eyes open for it.

I also thought it would be cool to share what most of the people wrote to us. Enjoy.

response = No! No1 Dont‘t shitcan the week in crazyshit. I has been getting to be more fun with the comments.

response = I really enjoy your site.thanks for all the hard work.

response = Yeah i for one would like to keep seeing "Week in crazyshit"

With the kind of day i‘m having who‘s gonna listen to me anyway.



response = The only thing that makes the week worth while is knowing that I will come home and watch a week in crazy shit!!!

response = Keep up the good work man!!!!

This site is the coolest badest rawest on the web.

If you stop i will eat my own anus,and that wouldent be nice,cause its smelly.

sorry for my bad spelling.

Greetings from Stockholm sweden.

response = this shit is cool keep it up homie. but you can leave the fucked up dick pic in florida!

response = Keep week in crazyshit its the best thing to watch when u wanna catch-up on all the crazy shit over the week when you couldn‘t on any other days!

response = Was up brother man! Just taking a sec to put my vote in to keep the "A Week in Crazy Shit" up and running. I understand it may be time consuming, but it highlights the funny comments of the week and not to mention gives us shit heads a little challenge to have the "Comment of the Week" posted. Even if it kept 10 or 15 of your faithful (paying) members happy, I feel it‘s worth keeping. I hope there are others who feel as I do and to continue to see T.W.I.C.S. See Ya!!!!

Fellow shit head,

Jay E. a.k.a. "Shineyfeathers"

response = Keep this shit goin man ive been viewing this for 5 years

response = Idea: What if at the end of the "Week In Shit" you were to throw in "THE EXTRA SHIT"? Save something extra special that didn‘t get shown through the week. That way everyone would look forward to and always watch all of the "Week In Shit" so they wouldn‘t miss "THE EXTRA SHIT". TAA DAA!! Now send me my fuckin‘ tee shirt dammit.

response = Hey Bro. I personally enjoy the week in crazy shit.. I hope it last the test time, However, I understand your very busy ... Oh wait... no your not, just suck it it up bro and keep what works for a great site!! Peace, Paully...


response = i love this week in crazy shit please don‘t stop

response = Hi Jay

Of course I watch TWICS. it‘s great!

ALso I get to see you. Yup, Im a homo and really would love to see your cock.


response = keep this site it makes my day

response = a shithead the week in crazyshit needs to stay on here u fucker dont take that shit off cuz if i want to c a whole shit load of crazyshit at once i watch the week in crazyshit

response = Keep the "Week In" dude!

response = P.S. Like your "Personal Page". You certainly DID take the road less traveled! Party on Garth! lol

response = I love the weak of crazy! I miss the daily shit like hell! I preach the crazy word to the non-believers. I‘m only one middle aged man! I can‘t send you boobs; the wife‘s are to saggy and the daughter‘s have three years more to age. *LOL*

response = jay i like to see all the crazyshit of the week ,it is fucking some funny shit .hope you get more responce like my .and goodluck finding some boobs

response = Hey man when i first heard obout this site i thought bull shit talk from a drunk friend then i checked it out,Iam fucken hooked every day i visit this sight seriously.every friday I look forward to the week in crazy shit segment befor i go to work I have been spreding the word of crazy shit because it is as real as it gets. I will keep spreding the word because this site is the bomb and I want to hear more about Gator Hunting.If there is anything I can do to contribute to the continuation of this site E mail me Word,dont give up the fight. "Know youre enemy and know youre self and in 100 battles you will never be in peril" -Sun Tzu

response = hey Jay boredshitless here just letting you know i really do like the week in crazy shit. i appreciate the work you guys do, and i can understand wanting to get off early on friday more though... i dont think anyone would mind it moving to another day, everybody hates mondays so why not get the hard shit done then? would be more like a recap starting a new week.

response = Dude! Dude!! Dude!!!

I love these segments...don‘t stop them. It‘s a bit of the whole "15 mins of fame" for all of us whose comments get seen.

C‘mon...throw this bitch a bone!


response = i like the week in crazyshit, i usually dont watch the videos all week, i just wait for friday so i can see just the best parts.

response = We love crazyshit.com please don‘t get rid of it. It makes our day to see some of the dumbasses and crazy shit in this world. You guys are awesome keep it up. More booty shaking videos would be nice.

response = You need to keep week in crazyshit!

YOU JUST NEED TO! How many people where u hoping to respond to this message at least for you to keep going at it?

response = Keep the week in crazyshit! Bitches!

response = keep the crazyshit coming man it is ass kicking i think it is the best ever.

response = You better keep that shit!!!!I look forward to it every Fri.So keep the crazy shit.Are you crazy?????Seriously, killer site, you are definately one of my favorites,keep up the great work!!!

response = hey buford in texas here... i love the site... check it everyday... please dont lose the weel in crazyshit or youll be swimming with the fishes, see???!!!

response = Keep it going - this shit‘s the bomb. Every other day, my co-workers will say "Did you see that thing on crazyshit? Really. I sent the grapes picture to everyone I know.

response = Hello Jay im new to you website!but im addicted already! i hope you keep up the weekly crazyshit videos! i watch to see your sexy ass talk. your one hot man MR Jay! im sending you a pick of my boobs to help out im have double E tits so yhat should help the week go by better lol well sugar ive got to go work on my profile smootches from Mississippi! Melody loves Crazyshit.com

response = keep the wics guys, it‘s the best part of the site, oh yeah please start shipping t/shirts to the uk, and i might upgrade. Also have a good week guys.


response = keep wics sorry bout the hiv joke must be hair(jay)oh yea ARKANSAS gonna beat FLA ass this year

response = don‘t give up the wics!!! its funny as hell!! everyone tries to out-comment each other, just so they can see who was the funniest at the end of the week! Keep up the good work and godbless!

response = I think the week in review is a bit of a waste of time for the fact that we see the videos anyway....I mean it is a short way to see all of the videos......but if you tried it this way......do it like a preview of what is to come....like a bit of a short and do it at the beginning of the week to peek peoples interest it might work..CALL IT THE"SNEAK PEAK FOR THE WEEK"....I usually look at the clips as soon as I get in from work dude keep up the great job....chuck

response = please leave a good thing. weekly shit better than most. thanks, doug

response = Hey man, I‘ve been a fan of the site for years. I say keep the week in crazyshit, but you need some fucking metal for the music.

keep on doin what you‘re doin

response = Keep the week in crazyshit, it‘s sadly a highlight of the week :(

response = Well i have an idea that might cut your hours for the week in crazyshit. why dont you make a feature where people can vote for the best comment. that way you dont have to look around for the best comments..You let the peanut gallery decide instead. so that pretty much isolates the good comments from the bad ones. all there is too it is to choose which one is worthy of comment of the week.

response = CS is the best!!!

response = keep up the good work. GO RAIDERS

response = Look man you gotta keep the Week in Shit....its all I look forward to...Friday means Paychecks and Week in Shit...I have made the Week in Shit comments a few times...as a matter of fact i just made it with the pork chop comment!!! I get so fucking pumped when i make the comments in those videos!!! Fuck i made the radio show(one armed guy you played BloodHound Gang Song for), the week in shit, Comment of the week, the family album, I FUCKING LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! I miss the Radio Show, The Daily Shit, Greg and the Conspiracy Hour....you cant take the Week in Shit away from me, too!!! I rock the shit out of my CrazyShit.com t-shirt i won on the radio show and tell everyone who asks me about the shirt to come to your website...You can‘t let me down man!!!! It would be like losing my other arm...metaphorically speaking of course!!! Well if you decide to kill it at least you went out like a man and chose some good ass comments along the way!!! Oh by the way tomorrow is Doomsday for your Steelers when they face my Chicago Bears!!!....aww what the fuck am i talking about... we are fucked without Urlacher....Good Luck Asshole!!! Keep the Good Shit coming!!! Peace Motherfucker!!

response = I‘m not sure if you got the last message because the page fucked up!!!...well if not hit me back and i‘ll talk to ya again!!

response = I love week in crazy shit. Sometimes I don‘t have time to look at your site everyday so I catch a WICS vid to keep me updated. This site is the best, you sick fuckers!! My homepage. Peace!

response = hey man i love this week in crazyshit! keep up the good work. we all appriciate the hard work and effort you guys put into making them.

love, mr_whakey

response = keep the week in crazy shit.

response = I love the WEEK IN CRAZY SHIT ,I fucking crack up everytime!!

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Am I the only person that clicks on "Articles"?
posted on: 09-22-09 @ 6:00 AM

Jay D.
Just about. We are doing this for you.
posted on: 09-22-09 @ 11:59 AM

Hahaha. Keep the week in crazy shit!
posted on: 09-22-09 @ 2:33 PM

This is the most fun I've had for 10 bucks.
posted on: 09-22-09 @ 3:13 PM

You've obviously never been to a South American Donkey show, have you? Oh yeah, thanks for doing this for me, Jay D.
posted on: 09-22-09 @ 4:30 PM

i refuse to come in here and leave a comment about this
posted on: 09-23-09 @ 8:34 AM

fancy seeing you in here mrsnutty^
posted on: 09-23-09 @ 8:38 AM

fucking hell, talk about coincidence dogbreath^
posted on: 09-23-09 @ 8:39 AM

Keep the week in crazyshit! You already stopped the daily shit, don't take this away from me too!
posted on: 09-25-09 @ 3:48 PM

Glad you kept it Jay! From all of us sick fucks; Thank-You!
posted on: 09-25-09 @ 10:41 PM

You know what motherfucker..you just pushed me over the edge...to show my appreciation for keeping the WEEK IN SHIT i'm signing up for the real account...maybe others will follow my lead!!!
posted on: 09-26-09 @ 1:51 PM

^5's for keeping it going from a fellow "sick fuck", Da Bird.
posted on: 09-27-09 @ 1:23 AM

No Machine...your not...and back to your cubical Jay!
posted on: 09-27-09 @ 1:26 AM

so you would rather not have my runny poop on your walls, thanks for keeping the week in shit. whats up you haven't farted in the microphone in a while? did you mess yourself
posted on: 09-27-09 @ 10:58 AM

Hey yea Jay D why on earth would you not want to make people happy ? Please keep the W.I.C.S. it is the only way to tell if I'm funny or not and I'm not. I have you guys to prove it. Besides My wife Hates it. but she hates the whole damn site. so if you don't keep it for any other reason do it just to piss my wife off.
posted on: 10-06-09 @ 7:33 PM

^Just hit her in the head with a shoe!^
posted on: 10-09-09 @ 6:31 PM

What and waste a good? shoe no way man!
posted on: 10-10-09 @ 10:40 AM

^ just tell her, her ass looks big in everything!
posted on: 10-11-09 @ 2:42 PM

ahhh, i felt so special to see my response here.... and then i realized everyone elses was here too lol.
posted on: 10-17-09 @ 12:14 AM

no...it looks crammed and weird...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhahhahahahah
posted on: 10-18-09 @ 6:51 AM