The Reason Behind The Reposts

on 10.19.2009

I am sure youíve seen it in the comments or at the end of the title on one of our videos or pictures. The dreaded word: REPOST. I fucking hate the word repost, it has no feeling to it. It is like some drunken guy just yelling that you are asshole, but inside you know you are an asshole. So in the world of words, repost is the asshole of words. Why in the hell does crazyshit even repost videos or pictures in the first place? This one isnít as simple as we are a bunch of lazy fucks. We are actually a bunch of lazy fucks. But hereís the deal. With the number of items on the site in the twenty some thousand we have many, many videos and pictures. Hell Iím sure Iíve just about seen every silly or funny picture on the internet. Seriously. I am a walking database of crap. That means when I do not recognize a video or picture, I assume that itís not on the site. Remember that assumption is the mother of all fuckups. With that in mind I go and search the site for what I would use as keywords for the video or picture. When I donít find anything I slap it up in the Go folder.

This is where problem one starts. The keywords. With updates dating back to about 1999-2000, there might be some items that donít have keywords. Hell we didnít even start keywords until about 2005. We didnít get really good at them till about 2006. One last problem with keywords is the people that added them in. They might have described a video a whole different way that a normal human would describe them. Thus making it very hard to find that video.

In the future when you see a REPOST, check it out. Sometimes the reposts are really funny. I actually think some people that werenít here two years ago might like to see video we just put up.

For my closing statements, I want to express that we really donít try to put up videos that are already on the site. We just fuck up and get lucky enough to put up the same video that was on the site in 2004, 2005, and 2007. Ohh well. Hell it might be here in 2010!

Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 10-19-09 @ 9:05 PM

It's amazing to me how anal some people get about re-posting. I really don't mind them unless they truly sucked and weren't worth seeing again. Keep up the good work CS!
posted on: 10-20-09 @ 11:53 AM

Sad that ya had to state the obvious. I'd challenge the "Repost" yellers to remember 20,000 pics & vids over 10 fucking years! And the newbies haven't seen them anyway. Don't let them get to ya Jay. Also, whatever happened to your idea to have us kinda have a say on the comments in the PG? Did that idea die a horrible death? lol. And do you LOOK at the messages in your PM box?
posted on: 10-20-09 @ 3:12 PM

Hey, Jey! Why don't you suck me you reposting, anal probing, ball licking, shitsnacker! Hope your day is going well.
posted on: 10-21-09 @ 4:59 PM

Jay, You don't have to explain yourself to us asshats. It's your fucking site and you can post what ever you feel like posting.Period.If someone wants to bitch about how you run your business tell them to pay for their membership or go get Efukt.
posted on: 10-22-09 @ 2:09 PM

i'm a noob on this site so everythings new. BTW nice one shimmery315, made me laugh
posted on: 10-23-09 @ 8:22 PM

I keep sending you guys shit; and when I see a repost I think how bad was the shit I sent; that this old shit beat it out. Just wining.
posted on: 10-27-09 @ 12:48 PM

its funny when newbies talk about other members being newbies
posted on: 10-28-09 @ 9:25 PM

its still news if ya aint read or seen it,fucktards!
posted on: 10-29-09 @ 2:39 PM

Hey Kenny--I think we should post your butt! and then, do a repost! Goofy, goofy, goober, yeah!!
posted on: 10-29-09 @ 7:22 PM

I don't mind the reposts Big J, this site makes my day go by at the office. And for the most part, most of your reposts I have never seen since I'm a newbie, been on here a year and just recently joined a couple of months ago.
posted on: 11-01-09 @ 12:31 PM

^It'd prolly take 2 posts anyway wendi. One for each cheek! :)
posted on: 11-01-09 @ 4:33 PM

repost REPOST , repost , REPOST , repost , REPOST .........................
posted on: 11-08-09 @ 7:13 AM

there is absolutely nothing wrong with reposting shit over and over, just as long as it has been posted before the repost was posted the day after it was sent in and posted before you discovered it was reposted after the original post of the reposted repost that was accidentally posted prior to posting the original reposted post that got posted just before it should have been seen posted prior to the repost of the new posting after it was seen to be wrong and was removed due to being a repost of the reposted repost that was reposted after it was found to be a posted repost, this will be reposted in next weeks posts
posted on: 11-15-09 @ 5:38 AM

^this guy is retarded, and i'm sure he's also retarded
posted on: 11-15-09 @ 5:47 AM

posted on: 11-01-10 @ 3:33 PM