Our Newest Member To The Crazyshit Family.

on 08.03.2010

No, no one new is working here.  More like my girlfriend and I had a baby! More like she had the baby, and I just stood around lending moral support. On July 26th, at 4:58pm , our son, Jay Miles D., was born. We have kept it under wraps from everyone here at cs since it was more personal for us. But now that the little guy is out, I thought it was time to share it with everyone here.

The little guy showed up on time, and all natural. Oddly enough, TK, thats my girlfriend, was to be induced the same Monday that little Jay was born. Instead of a planned birthing on the 27th, he was mixing it up a bit, and throwing off the Drs schedule. Not to mention the due date was the 25th. That is a pretty close prediction there.

She actually started having contractions at 1 am that morning. Meaning that we had been up all day Sunday and we were about to go to bed, when they started. That equaled no sleep for us. After the epidural was administered around noon, things calmed down. Then around 4 pm, it was time to push! 58 minutes later our little man was born. It was pretty fast and I have to say, Amazing. Thats the only word I can think of, is Amazing.

Little Jay has made it his first week, and we are all still pretty amazed. Hes just the cutest thing I have ever seen. You know how people say, you will love him the moment you see him. That shit is the truth. Im not sure how some Dads or Moms could ever walk away from their kids. Momma is doing well too. I feel bad for her though, since I cannot breast feed, trust me Ive tried to get milk out before, she has to get up a few times per night to feed the little guy. I do my part though and wake up to change him. Heres a little baby tidbit. Did you know that babies can shoot shit up the back of their diaper and out the diaper all over their little outfit? Yes, yes they can. Its actually amazing.

For now, since I am new to fatherhood, I will be learning a lot. Thanks to Tim and Adam keeping crazyshit going while I was out. If you have any good advice, or bad advice, post it below. Hell even if you have some funny stories, Id love to read them.

Im outta here like a dirty diaper.


Jay D., jay@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
Congrats Jay! Give TK a big hug from the whole Crazyshit (dysfunctional) family! :) "P.S." Thank your lucky stars it wasn't a girl. Those window & door bars are expensive!
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 2:09 PM

Sorry I have to copy ya KK, but Congrats Jay!! I smiled upon reading this, babies are amazing. Your gonna be amazed at how much sleep you both lose, and how much trouble they can get into in the coming years! I'm just guessing here, but Im sure Twista could give some sound advice on baby care. Although I dont know if she's still around.
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 2:28 PM

posted on: 08-03-10 @ 2:37 PM

wow, thats awesome! Congratulations :D hes so cute! and im so happy for you Im sure you are a wonderful daddy.
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 2:37 PM

Yeah good for you, ive had 4 of those lil fuckers and im still young.. enjoy the ride... now that you have a baby, we know you have had sex at least once!!! Congratulations to the relations!
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 2:59 PM

Congratulations Jay!! and what a cute little "Shit" he is!! Glad your girl is doing good too! I have 3 kids of my and 2 step sons. I've raised my girls and my son, 12yo. Stays for weeks at a time than goes home. Yes i could tell you some amazing stories of my kids some good and some bad. Here what you have to look forward to: Babies get into things, and everything is "Free Game" Protect baby from common but dangerous household products. All babies will, and do, learn how to take their diaper off and leave you brown "Paintings" on the walls for you to enjoy the next morning. Here's a good one, when my oldest daughter was 1 1/2yrs mom put her shoes on her, we got in our then 73 VW Beetle and went to my moms house. Got there, got the kid out, NO SHOES! and nowhere in the car either. Your gonna have a blast Jay.
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 3:01 PM

Kepp him the FUCK away from Adam. He will make baby J gay. Congrats. p.s. stop trying to feed him moobs.
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 3:33 PM

fo a minute there, when u said short, craps in pants and all that crazy shit, I thought u were talking about Adam's boyfriend.
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 3:35 PM

He has ur smile Jay, and ur chin. ANd the same size dick. Sorry , couldn't help it.
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 3:36 PM

^^ Iluvkitty is on a fuckin roll right now hahaha. Congratulations. Good thing it's a boy. Now you only have to worry about one little prick instead of every little prick..if you know what i mean. I hope crazyshit doesn't get soft, now that you're a daddy.
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 3:47 PM

good for you. congrats!
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 4:25 PM

Jay D.
Thanks all! I can't wait for the brown paintings. We will take a few pics and post them up. @spaulding, never. I'm a gemini, and can handle the crazy world, and still be a loving father. It's no problem for me.
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 5:25 PM

Congrats Jay! Just one question, at what age will you let the little shitter look at your website? Not too soon I hope. You don't want the little guy to turn out twisted like his Dad.
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 5:29 PM

congrats on having had sex for the last time. but for real it is a ride like no other. you are going to love seeing everything in a new way be cool
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 7:13 PM

dude....your fucked
posted on: 08-03-10 @ 7:35 PM

Looks like he's trying to give the finger - Good for him! He's adorable and I hope you and your lady spoil him to no end. Congrats!
posted on: 08-04-10 @ 12:38 AM

Congrats! He is adorable, just like his dad! All the best for health and happiness to you all!
posted on: 08-04-10 @ 12:43 AM

Congratulations! I'll drink a sad toast to your impending child-support slavery. . .That said, he's a cute one, and throwing up the gang signs already!!
posted on: 08-04-10 @ 2:11 AM

Congratulations Jay! Yes babies can shoot poop right out their diaper. Wait until he gets to be about 7 or 8 months and gets the runs! You'll get good at fast swipe changing diapers. It's like being a Nascar Pit Boss!
posted on: 08-04-10 @ 2:48 AM

Congrats Jay!!! you're a Dad!!! enjoy it while their small and prepare to lose all your nerves... and sleep! Kiss that goodbye! and dont forget the wallet! thats gone now too!!! Good Luck Man!
posted on: 08-04-10 @ 8:39 AM

Just save me a dirty diaper...
posted on: 08-04-10 @ 10:11 AM

^^^Bwaaahahahahaha!!!^^^ Crazyshit classic sintekk!
posted on: 08-04-10 @ 2:00 PM

Jay, your girlfriend must be hot, because that is one cute baby! No, seriously congrats to you and her both. Only wish the best for you guys!
posted on: 08-04-10 @ 2:41 PM

wow jay you have an adorable little boy there man. looks just like you too. hey love every minute you have with him like it's your last because one day he'll start thinking on his own accord and you will still love him but maybe not the decisions he'll be making but you can always go back to the ol'memory bank and pull up the sweet little creation that you and your girl made into this world, this existence and your reality. have fun with it jay. you're a motherfucking daddy bro!!! all the best man, mike :D
posted on: 08-06-10 @ 12:16 AM

Soooo...I was right about the pregnancy thing. It's such an experience to have children. Especially when they say their first words, take their first steps, and shock everyone with those cute little expletives they always seem to hear when you don't think they do. Congratulations and good luck!!
posted on: 08-08-10 @ 2:12 PM

And one day in the future, you will drop him off for his 2nd day of high school and in 3 hours you will receive a text message from one of his teachers that says.."Your kid just used incest and inbred in class." :) Thank GOD for small towns, where everyone knows everyone! We can't wait to hear your stories!
posted on: 08-11-10 @ 11:22 PM

I have come back to let you know the truth, this little fellow is only cute because he follows after his real father, ME. yes while you were busy posting crazyshit I was busy making babies for you, and don't think i'm going to pay any fucking child support, congratulations on being fucked for the rest of your life, now you really have something to live for, and all this time you thought it was for Killkenny.
posted on: 08-14-10 @ 12:44 PM

well we know its your ki for sure!! adam and tim are both gay ass fuckers and that kid dont look like an asshole baby!! so yup its yours!! that said , sure is a good lookin carpet crawler good job and much happyness and many many years more to come when your now that your a daddy!! now can ya post us a pic of some nasty fucked up diaper mess's .not for me but for the jap members hre at crazy shit. also ya gotta giv th kid a user nam , o vom up wih somthing good , and no, little shit or little fucker wont work!! b creativ!! congrats now get th fuck back to work!!
posted on: 08-19-10 @ 1:27 PM

congrats on your little one dont know if its your first but if it is your world is about to change
posted on: 09-03-10 @ 6:57 PM

Congrats man, best wishes to you and your family.
posted on: 09-06-10 @ 1:16 AM

congratulation Jay !!!
posted on: 09-08-10 @ 9:30 PM

Good job Jay!!!
posted on: 09-10-10 @ 11:09 AM

Nice Jay.... Now that you have a little bastard running around I think it is time to marry "its" mother...
posted on: 09-10-10 @ 2:51 PM

MMMMMMMMMMM baby,get in my belly little baby.lol congratulations Jay.
posted on: 09-11-10 @ 9:35 PM

Hear that? It's responsibility a knockin'! Congrats! You're done for! LOL!
posted on: 10-05-10 @ 11:42 PM

He looks like the mailman..
posted on: 10-07-10 @ 5:47 AM

i am new to crazy shit.com but not to being a gemini nor having a kid. long as you take care of your boy and your own shit you'll be straight bro. good luck.....your gonna need it.
posted on: 10-25-10 @ 2:30 AM

Congratulations Jay to you and TK Just remember to put the right baby monitor in the right room or his first words are gonna be " Oh Yeah Baby"
posted on: 11-06-10 @ 7:32 AM

Wow!! Look at those big ole' eyes . He is scoping the place out! He also has a happy, content looking smile on his face. It sort of looks like he may be a little devious. Awesome dude! Congrats! I bet that you are going to make an awesome dad!!
posted on: 11-10-10 @ 6:52 PM

Hey, I do have one question. Is he flashing a gang sign? Lol!!
posted on: 11-10-10 @ 7:01 PM

He is almost as tall as me :) congratulations to you both
posted on: 11-16-10 @ 7:08 PM