Tell Me Something I Don‘t Know

on 12.03.2010

Why is it that girls say the most obvious shit, and act like they are imparting wisdom on you? Here are a couple possible examples.

Man and woman are waiting in car for a draw bridge to close. Man impatiently says, "What the fuck is taking so long!" Woman says, "They have to raise the bridge for the boats. It will come back down after they pass."

Man is trying to open his juice bottle, but struggling with the annoying foil seal. Man says, "Why do they have to make it such a pain in the ass to open this shit? I just want to drink my fucking juice!" Woman says, "They put that on there to keep the juice fresh."

Thank you so much for blowing my mind with your profound statements. Shouldn't you be cooking me dinner or caressing my balls with your tongue? Fucking shit! --Adam

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
"They have to raise the bridge for the boats. It will come back down after they pass." de de dee
posted on: 12-03-10 @ 4:08 PM

If you don't want to hear the answer, then don't ask the question, dumbass. And I don't know WHERE your balls have been, Adam....
posted on: 12-03-10 @ 7:11 PM

You know they will jump at ANY opportunity to feel smart. ^^Heres a perfect example. wendi thinks your actually asking a question??? even she doesn't see the sarcasm... Go figure! Thats what separates us from them.
posted on: 12-03-10 @ 10:58 PM

posted on: 12-04-10 @ 1:44 AM

There is much Fuckô in this post. Amen
posted on: 12-04-10 @ 10:35 AM

Adam H.
So true, clrz1000.
posted on: 12-05-10 @ 10:28 AM

^^^^I miss greg^^^^^
posted on: 12-05-10 @ 6:51 PM

My man Gina has sand in it. That's to stop Jay from jumping on a plane and coming over the fuck me in the ass. You mean something like this???
posted on: 12-05-10 @ 6:52 PM

god damn, 'ouch', you never cease to show your ignorance... and the powpowpow shit has to stop. also, the way you basically typed out the entire rickrolld song, man, WTF?! woo! had to get that off my chest.
posted on: 12-11-10 @ 4:29 PM

^^^^is Gay^^^
posted on: 12-16-10 @ 4:43 PM

Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience
posted on: 12-16-10 @ 6:38 PM

I've always been told by older females that men were the less intelligent race. So I guess women like to pretend to be smart cause they think you don't know any better. I'm a tomboy, so I see both sides of it. I even jump on a female when she does that,but a few males have done the same thing.
posted on: 02-08-11 @ 10:20 PM