Ready To Swing The Ban Hammer

on 01.11.2011

After the recent usage of the Ban Hammer, I thought I could be a nice guy and put it away for a while, but you guys just can't let that happen, can you? I have to say I'm disappointed in the comments lately, and they're not even fun to read because too many of you want to act like little bitches all the time. Honestly, I don't give a shit if you hate honkeys, niggers, spics, kikes, chinks, faggots or everyone that isn't exactly like you, and guess what... nobody else gives a shit either, so shut the fuck up!

If you want to ramble on about this bullshit and if you're stupid enough to waste your time arguing with some other dumbass on the internet about who the superior beings are, THEN DO IT IN THE FORUMS!!! It's as simple as that. If you comment on a post, then keep your comment related to the post.

The people that comment make up far less than 1 percent of the people that come to CrazyShit every day. The reason most people don't bother getting a membership and commenting is because of all the fucking morons that do. We get emails all the time from people that say, "I've been coming to Crazyshit for years and love it. It's too bad you can't do anything about all the idiots on here."

We try our best to let you guys have freedom to say what you want, but all your retarded bickering back and forth at each other turns off the majority of our users and that's not good for us. This site is for adults, so try to fucking act like one.

If someone writes some dumb shit you don't agree with, then just leave it fucking be. And if they keep writing dumb shit, we'll take care of it. Or if you want to respond to their dumb shit with some dumb shit of your own, then we'll take care of both you.

So just keep the comments relevant to the post and there won't be any problems. But if you want to keep being a dumb fuck, that's fine too. I got the Ban Hammer cocked and ready to do some smashing.

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
posted on: 01-11-11 @ 1:40 PM

Cock smashing?
posted on: 01-11-11 @ 1:55 PM

adam you and jay have nerves of steel. its a good thing i dont have the hammer power cause i would boot the dumb asses without warning and only a select few be left
posted on: 01-11-11 @ 4:06 PM

about time
posted on: 01-11-11 @ 4:55 PM

oh great god of crazy shit, if i have offended the please be merciful and tell your loyal retarded subject so as i may fix my wayward ways. P,S, hope white coward cracker killer and bigtalk, dont read your memo. thanks your loyal brown noseing ass kisser rockinron.
posted on: 01-11-11 @ 5:36 PM

right on
posted on: 01-11-11 @ 6:16 PM

Wasn't able to log in for awhile, now i know why. Sorry for pissing anyone off, will try to do better.
posted on: 01-11-11 @ 7:01 PM

Please Hammer. . .don't hurt 'em! Amen
posted on: 01-12-11 @ 12:10 AM

Great news , thanks for what you do guys
posted on: 01-12-11 @ 7:15 AM

I'd be swinging it round like my cock at a frat party
posted on: 01-12-11 @ 11:43 AM

I hope I'm not one of the retarded fucks :p Spring is coming soon, so best get to Spring Cleaning! Have some fun while your at it. Unfortunately, you're right to do it, just kinda wish it woulda been sooner.
posted on: 01-12-11 @ 6:17 PM

Yes I can be a wanker at the best of times, I apologise to the world if I insulted any of you, and when someone apologises, TAKE IT, don't piss in their pockets and make them more MEAN, this is a fucking cool website, This place keeps me sane believe it or not, and I'm slowly learning how to spell...LOL
posted on: 01-13-11 @ 2:38 PM

^^This is THE COOLEST site on the fucking planet!! Im even thinking of becoming a VIP member... when i eventually come across a stolen credit card
posted on: 01-14-11 @ 1:51 PM

can I see your cock?
posted on: 01-14-11 @ 2:49 PM

Hey Adam... Did you manage to use the ban hammer this week?
posted on: 01-15-11 @ 8:32 AM

Hahahaha--Adam said "cocked"...hehehehe
posted on: 01-17-11 @ 10:16 AM

you guys can try and curb the dog of racism but thats always going to be a short term solution that just seems to be the underground root of this site i combed through your archives and thats how i fell i love with the site and it seemed that the racist comments were just the norm on every pic or vid of someone of color and those comments get high +'s that goes as far back as 03 and still present whites are the majority here i know you cant control who comes to your site just whats in it whether its whites,blacks etc. that are the majority so will the racism theres always going to be an asshole or three of course i exclude myself from that group
posted on: 01-17-11 @ 11:54 AM

^@Bigtalk, hey dude it seems the racism issue is the same all around the world, it's actually the dark skinned that are now racist, just look at Eddie Murphy as an example, he always refers to dark people as just that, I think blacks have been long respected now and it's time they became proud enough to stand tall and be themselves, you've got to admit the blacks of the world are treated better than the whites of the world, in Australia Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders have a different cue at the dole office etc and they don't have to look for work to get payments, this in it's self in the problem, they should tell the white government to get fucked and go get themselves a job, but they just sit back and get drunk every fortnight and create an indifference among our community, I really think our governments are to blame by keeping and imaginary line between us all, over and out mate, you'd really love my home and my friendship, not all whites are ignorant.
posted on: 01-18-11 @ 1:02 AM

sorry if i ever offended anyone... ok maybe not really that sorry, but hey goin back to the point of your post being the best danm post is because of the reallity of the picture ... often not swayed or picked apart as many sites do... and again you rock, bigtalk... wtf ... all ive read from you is honky this and honky that get over the shit an maybe the point will get across... leme know if i ever came across badly to ya Jay... ive been here for along time and said some shit ... alot of it in fun but mostly cause i can.. an thats cool shit thanks again guys keep it up
posted on: 01-18-11 @ 2:58 AM

racist comments should be allowed only if its funny and its not meant in a hateful way. comment on the dumb fat black lady.... but dont start slamming the blacks because of one fat bitch.
posted on: 01-19-11 @ 4:02 PM

My opinion? Every race, religion, creed, etc. has a few assholes...that's life. But I'm not about to judge individuals by anything except their behavior. If you act like an animal, I will make the appropriate comment. If you act like you have an IQ of 20, I will comment accordingly, but it will have nothing to do with anything else. That's my rant, and I'm sticking to it.
posted on: 01-21-11 @ 12:07 PM

posted on: 01-21-11 @ 11:18 PM

Speaking of acting like a little bitch all time...
posted on: 01-31-11 @ 3:34 PM

ok this tis the rest of my 2 cents. i like blacks,mexicans,chinese,japenese,italians, whites, and indians, they are the fabric of this great melting pot we call america!! on the other hand. i hate niggers,spic's,chinks,japs,waps,trailor trash, and reds. they are the apitame of the down fall of this great nation. they get there bad slang names from being trash, druggys, and idiots and just genral fuck ups in life. now as for me saying shit on here anymore about niggers spics and japs. i will no longer voice a opinion directed at any other member about race. but damnit if a niger or a spic blows away some old lady in a video for shits and giggles . ima blow a nut. so be sure you will ban me in that situation. you post it and we re-act to it. but i will do my part to clean up the peanut gallery starting today. even if cracker killer and big talk run there mouths directly at me. but we exspect crazyshit staff to smash the hammer on those that dont change. thanks adam tim and the rest of you crazyshit gods for such a great place to come and be entertained. i think i speak for all members when i say, we are a unique bunch of sick fucks with no real place to get entertained except at crazyshit and a few other fucked up sites like it. thanks crazy shit. ROCKINON. and dont give me no shit about writeing a fuckin book my speed kicked in.
posted on: 02-04-11 @ 4:28 PM

Thankfully. I have to say the hate comments kept me from signing up for a year, but now that you're going to do something about it, I'm glad to join the CS site.
posted on: 02-05-11 @ 12:01 AM