We Need To Talk

on 03.28.2011

Gather round! Gather round, my friends! It‘s time we sit down and have that talk we like to have every few months. Things are getting out of hand once again, in this world we call crazyshit, and it is my duty to intervene.

As many of you know, we have a member causing all kinds of drama in the peanut gallery. The way I see it, there always has to be a villain. You know, somebody who amuses himself by aggravating others, and somebody for everyone else to talk shit about. But when all the focus turns to him, things get real lame, real fast. I mean, fuck, I don‘t think anybody has even bothered to call me a fag in at least two whole days.

But fear not, my children, for I have been blessed by the power of the crazyshit Gods to take action, and make all wrongs right. Well, actually, I just decided what I should do, so here is my plan of action.

I started by writing a heart felt message to the man who is responsible for most of your frustrations. I expressed my thoughts and requested he bring it down a few notches for the greater good of crazyshit. Let us hope he is agreeable to this.

"Well why don‘t you just ban him?", I can here you asking. I‘m pretty certain that banning someone who created three accounts, that I know of, in one day (which have been banned), would be futile. Also, he does have a VIP Membershit, which means he gave us money.

So if you want your opinion to matter more, you too should get a VIP Membershit, and enjoy all the benefits offered, including a yearly visit from one of our on staff midget strippers. She‘ll clean your kitchen, make you a sandwich, and jack you off while you eat it. When you‘re finished, she‘ll karaoke a song of your choosing, and spin on a pole. So be sure to get in on this deal, just as soon as ProcrastiJay gets the shopping cart up and running.

OK, where was I? Oh yes, the next thing I will be doing is deleting comments that are unrelated or just plain retarded. I haven‘t yet thought of anything cool to refer to this as, like the ban hammer, so if any of you guys have any ideas, throw em‘ out there and maybe we‘ll catch one.

And finally, I‘d just like to mention that the only reason one person is able to piss off so many, is because you guys let him. If you just ignored the bullshit and went about your own crazyshit experience, none of it would matter. The fact that people get all fired up about the negatives is actually pretty funny to me. But I understand you guys come here to enjoy yourselves, and when someone is acting like a tool, it‘s frustrating. And as we always say, take your shit talking to the forums. That is not what the peanut gallery is for.

So like I asked him, I‘m asking all of you too. Let‘s all just mellow out, and get back to having fun like we use to. You still remember those times, don‘t you? I know I do. When we loved each others‘ company and laughed together all the time. You would whisper sweet nothings in my ear as I gently kissed your neck and caressed your supple breasts. Remember the time I crept up behind you, while you were on the phone with your boss, and I pulled your panties to the side and licked your butthole as I fingered your wet pussy. Then after, we licked your cum off the tile together while we made out. That shit was fucking hot! I still think about it all the time when I

My bad... forgot which letter I was writing. So I guess we all have to do our part to make everything flow smoothly. I‘ll do what I have to do to keep things under control, but I can‘t be on top of everything all the time. I hope you will all do your best as well. And maybe, just maybe, it can be a happy place for all crazyshitters forever after. But if not, Jay told me to just ban everyone involved in the bullshit.

Adam H., adamh@crazyshit.com
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Comments From the Peanut Gallery
well said
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 2:16 PM

"So if you want your opinion to matter more, you too should get a VIP Membershit, and enjoy all the benefits offered, ........ So be sure to get in on this deal, just as soon as ProcrastiJay gets the shopping cart up and running" I'm still fuckin waiting to hand over my $$, but you lazy fucks dont want it!!
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 2:20 PM

They are all right!! You are a FAG!!
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 2:26 PM

They make so much on advertising.The actual membershit mmoney is just a bonus lol
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 2:27 PM

stay on Jay to fix the damn shopping cart! ive been trying to renew my shit and buy a fucking t-shirt since june!!!
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 3:14 PM

You don't even ship tshirts oversea's, and the cart doesn't work...... Never mind the peanunut gallary.... sort your own (crazy)shit out!
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 4:08 PM

This sounds like extortion to me...
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 4:41 PM

hey adam we frankly dont mean shit to anyone at crazy shit. like mrratty said its all advertiseing income that is keeping you fuckers in beer and chips. us members are just here to read them and watch them for your other clients. but from what i can see you could make some real good extra dough by fixing the FUCKIN SHOPPING CART SO I CAN BUY MY FUCKIN KID A SHIRT SO HE WILL SHUT THE FUCK UP!! anyway just fix the damn thing i wanna give ya 20 bucks so i can bitch louder and say the n word more often. thanks bitchs.
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 5:08 PM

Does the midget give good head? What kind of sammich does it make?
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 5:53 PM

Adam, you need to grow a set. Ban everyone involved in the shit. What?
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 7:50 PM

The midget bitch didn't show up to clean my house, the bitch didn't make me a sandwich, and I can jack my own self off, so that isn't necessary...I am more pissed I had to clean my own house..fucking men bitch more than women do. Get a grip assholes it is the INTERNET. For fucks sake.
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 8:11 PM

Hey CG. I can jack you off. The first time is even free. I might even make you a sammich. ;-)
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 8:19 PM

^^^that guy!
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 9:45 PM

Wow, I must really have been stoned for a while. I didn't even realize that this was going on. And I've been commenting on stuff. Lol! PS... Adam, you sir are a fag.
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 9:56 PM

Hope you find the bastard responsible. Sorry Killkenny, it was just a joke targeting your character, I don't know you personally so don't take it to heart you mental genius. Sticks and stones Brother's.
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 11:12 PM

^I suppose the space thief thinks that's funny, stop picking on NOUNS for christ sake.
posted on: 03-28-11 @ 11:21 PM

posted on: 03-29-11 @ 2:03 AM

Nuff' said biatches!
posted on: 03-29-11 @ 7:36 AM

could you get back to the other letter you were writing. you left off about licking cum off the floor.
posted on: 03-29-11 @ 11:32 AM

I think we know how this started.. It's fun just to have "some Jabs" at each other. but after the sb bull shit. it has gotten a lil out of hand.. Just when some one runs ther yap and starts being racist. some one will fire back.. Its gonna happen..
posted on: 03-29-11 @ 12:31 PM

I want my midget damn it!
posted on: 03-29-11 @ 1:19 PM

bring back greg j.
posted on: 03-29-11 @ 2:29 PM

Where tha Fuk is my midget??????
posted on: 03-30-11 @ 3:40 AM

Can I tape the midget doing these things and send it into crazyshit?
posted on: 03-31-11 @ 12:02 PM

i want my midget to have a flat head! i need a table for my beer while getting blown!
posted on: 03-31-11 @ 10:48 PM

Call it the "Comment Killswitch"
posted on: 04-02-11 @ 1:05 AM

only if the midget gets a facial then eats the rest of my sammich with it, damn its skeet time boys
posted on: 04-02-11 @ 4:09 PM

"Wow, I must really have been stoned for a while. I didn’t even realize that this was going on. And I’ve been commenting on stuff. Lol! PS... Adam, you sir are a fag" I am with dope smoker! Maybe because I am a dope smoker and a shroom eater so it's doubley hard for me to catch the verbal violence. I guess that I try to see the good in everyone. Many of you guess brighten my day with your humor. Adam, I think it may be a good idea to have a CRAZYSHIT convention! We can chip in and buy some air time at 4:00 am on TBS or some shit channel. You know kind of like one of those shows where some guy offers his "program" on the internet. Everyone is all dolled up and telling their
posted on: 04-03-11 @ 2:31 AM

oooops......story about making $35,000 in two hours! BUT we could do something like that but totally different. We could start drinking at about 7:00 am(I would have a Sammy Smith Oatmeal Stout)and by 4:00 am when all the "Shitters" would go live and since we have had our drink for many a hour everyone would drop all of their inhibitions! Could you imagine it?! I was going to try and name all the sick creatures but my post has probably too long already but I must say that all of the people who tuned in to the show would never been the same! Lol! Peace, love, and Donny Osmond!!
posted on: 04-03-11 @ 2:46 AM

well. dont delete the retarded messages, i say smear shit over them so the message is unreadable, pixelated shit of course. sure it might take some time but i think itl be a good addition to this site. hope this help and keep up the good work.
posted on: 04-06-11 @ 12:49 PM

you want to tone things down? How bout using the term "gay" or even "homo" rather than "faggotry" in today's MOTD? Maybe you cant stop the readers and posters from using derogatory words, but you sure can. Im not asking you to suck my dick, just set an example by stopping it on your end.
posted on: 04-06-11 @ 3:41 PM

^--polesmoker lol
posted on: 04-07-11 @ 9:34 AM

Uh...i wasn't aware that a midget slut was part of the deal...can VIPs still say nigger or is that now a taboo?
posted on: 04-09-11 @ 12:22 AM

FIX THE CART .......... and adam your a FAG
posted on: 04-14-11 @ 12:03 PM

faggot nugger
posted on: 04-21-11 @ 5:17 PM

Well said but there's always a coward talikng shit behind a computer screen on any forum.
posted on: 05-16-11 @ 4:39 PM

Paying customer or not, everyone should play by the same rules. If this was a white person starting this shit I'm sure it would be dealt with completely differently..his ass would be banned. I don't care if you're white, black, green or orange. Start this race shit and you will get the shit right back.
posted on: 05-23-11 @ 2:08 PM

sooooooooo Jay if he paid you that means you know were he lives i'm not trying to start trouble i'm just saying.
posted on: 06-02-11 @ 11:03 PM

I miss the old days. Jay. Greg. Goeff. Apple. A FUCKING RADIO SHOW! ahh good times. oh if you can't remember these times then I guess I just been here longer.......for free. Crazy Crackers Pow pOw poW!
posted on: 06-24-11 @ 7:32 PM

You know that would suck people. To get banned from a place like crazy shit.
posted on: 06-25-11 @ 6:32 AM

I read blah blah blah buy a membershit blah blah blah
posted on: 01-17-12 @ 8:54 PM