Baseball Season: Who Will Win It All?

on 04.14.2004

Well I have to comment on the last Crazy Poll titled Baseball Season Is Here Who Will Win It All. The first thing is that the Chicago Cubs are cursed forever, and they will never make it to the World Series let alone make it past the first round of the playoffs. Detroit on the other hand may make some waves in the American League this year, and the Yankees still and will always SUCK ASS. Even though it is only the beginning of the season everyone know that that Florida Marlins are going to win it all again this year. If anyone wants to talk baseball or any other sport for that matter just drop me an email.

If any one has noticed that the site is a lot faster that is because we have added another T1. Which means the site will load a lot faster and our bills just went through the fucking roof, so help support Crazyshit by clicking here and getting a Membershit. We have also added some new features and made some changes to the site. The first thing we did was add an events page. Which is where you can find out where the Crazyshit staff will be hanging out drinking and partying. The next thing we did was as the Sex, Dating, And More section where you can find hot sexy singles in your area and purchase products to help enhance your sex life. The last thing we did was move the “Pic of The Month” to the left side of the home page. We have also added more links to other great sites in our links section.

One last thing, if anyone in Tampa wants to get together and have a drink I will be there April 16-18. You can find more details in the Events Section. The actual link to this page is on the bottom left side of the home page.


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