Black And White Morning Sex

on September 28th, 2006

Two colleagues, a white guy and black guy,are talking one day. The black guy asks the white guy, "Why is it that EVERYDAY you come to work in a good mood?" To which the white replies, "that's because I get morning sex everyday."
"What?" asks the other, "everyday? How long have you been married?"
"7 years", says the first.
The black guys asks, "How in the hell, after 7 years of marriage, do you get morning sex everyday?!"
The white guy says, "Well, every morning when my wife and I wake up I look at her and recite a little poem. 'Blonde hair blonde hair eyes of blue, come over here so I can make love to you', I know it's corny, but 7 years, everyday, without fail..."
The black guy says, "man, I gotta try that!"
The next day, as they both get in to work the white sees the black guy and is astonished!
"What happened to you? you look like you got mugged or something!", he says.
The black guy says, "This is because of you!! I ought to whoop your ass!!"
The white guy says, "Whoa whoa whoa! how is it MY fault?"
The black responds, "It was that poem shit you told me about!"
The white guy stops for a minute, a little puzzled and asks, "Man, what did you say?"
The black guys explains, "When we woke up this mornin', I looked at my wife, and I said the first thing that came to my mind, 'Nappy head nappy head eyes like a frog, If I could roll your fat ass over I'd fuck you like a dog!"

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