The Pink Skirt.

on August 16th, 2001

A young woman was getting married. Her and her husband to be had decided to not have sex until they had wed. So, of course, the young woman was very excited about the honeymoon. She went and bought a brand new pink skirt for that night.

But her skirt was two inches too long so she took it to her mother to ask for a alteration. Her mother told her that she couldn't take the skirt up since she was so busy with the wedding flowers.

So the young lady took the skirt to her grandmother, and her grandmother told her she couldn't do it since she was so busy watching the grandkids.

So finnally, after buying a book of sewing, she took the skirt up two inches herself.

Then her mother decided it was wrong of her to turn down the bride to be and took the skirt up two inches more.

And the next day her grandmother saw the pink skirt laying on the young lady's bed and decided to do the same and pack it for her in her suitcase.

So the honeymoon finnally came and the couple were married. Upon arriving in Hawaii, the young lady said she would go and change into "something more comfortable."

And her new husband said, "As long as you do not peek at my dick while I am undressing." So she goes and gets her new pink skirt which was 6 inches shorter without her consent and had been unproperly folded in the suitcase. When she puts on her skirt to show her husband, she screams in shock, "Goddamn it... IT'S WRINKLED, IT'S UGLY, IT'S PINK AND IT IS SO DAMN SHORT!!!."

and then her husband crys from the next room... "YOU PROMISED YOU WOULDN'T LOOK!!!"

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