Mary Lou Is A Horse

on March 8th, 2001

There was this man sitting in his recliner watching the news one day. All of a sudden his wife comes up from behind him and smacks him in the back of his head with a frying pan. The man, grabbing his head, yells "What the hell was that for"?

She replies, "While I was doing the wash I found a napkin in your pocket with the name Mary Lou written on it". "Your having an affair on me, arent you"?

The man explains, "No dear, that was the name of the horse that I bet on at the races yesterday."

She felt so bad and she was so sorry for what she had done.

The next night the man was sitting in his recliner watching TV again. His wife come up behind him with the largest frying pan she owns and smacks him so hard he is knocked out. Finally he comes too. He says, "What the hell was that for now?"

She replied, "Your horse called today."

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