That`s Alot Of Ice Cream

on April 18th, 2001

A woman, Marie, came home from the mall crying.

Her husband, Billy, asked her why she was crying.

Marie said, "A man at the mall said something very disgusting to me and made me cry."

Billy responded buy standing, putting on his coat and boots and getting his car keys. Billy told Marie to descibe the man and he would go to the mall and kick his ass.

Marie described the man.

As Billy was about to leave he asked, "What did the man say to make you cry?"

Marie said that the man "wanted to fill her pussy with ice cream and eat it all up before it melted"

At that point, Billy put his keys back on the rack, took off his coat and boots and sat down in front of the T.V.

Marie asked, "Aren`t you going to kick that man`s ass?"

Billy responded, "I ain`t fuckin with no man that can eat that much ice cream that fast!"

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