Just The Tip

on May 18th, 2009

A teenage boy and his steady girlfriend were making out in his parked car, when the boy got really turned on, and said, "Please darlin', I can't take it anymore, I have to get some relief."

His girl replies, "You know I am saving myself until we get married!"

He continues to plead and begs her, "What if I just put the head in for a while, just let me marinate it a little?"

Finally getting a bit steamed up herself, she reluctantly agrees, but says, only if it's the head.

So he anxiously unzips and fumbling, puts the head of his manhood into the softness of her secret treasure and that's all he does, well for about 30 seconds anyway, but in the heat of passion, he gets carried away and before you know it he's put it in entirely and is pumping away with deep thrusts for all he's worth.

After a few minutes his lady love moans and thrilling to the mounting pleasure and a new awareness, haltingly gasps "I know we have this deal, that you are only putting the head in, but... this feels so damn good, go ahead and give it all to me!"

Jolted to his senses, stopping in mid thrust, but thinking quickly our hero responds, "Nope, a deals a deal."

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