Winning Numbers

on April 2nd, 2014

An elderly Jewish woman wins the lottery, $30 million after taxes. She goes to her Rabbi to discuss what to do with the money.

She first says, "I'd like to spend $10 million on myself and my family."

The Rabbi replies, "It would be good to enjoy your winnings, and family is important."

She then says she'd like to donate another $10 million to the synagogue and the charity they run, since the synagogue has always been there for her, she'd like to give back.

The Rabbi says they could always use the money.

Then she says "I'd like to spend the last $10 million on a ten-foot golden statue of Adolf Hitler."

Naturally the Rabbi is quite horrified.

"Why would you want to memorialize such a monster?" he cries.

She rolls up her sleeve and responds, "He gave me the winning numbers."

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