The Little Boy And His Dead Frog.

on January 23rd, 2001

A young boy walks into a whorehouse dragging a crushed frog on a string. He goes up to the madam and says, "I`d like to have the service of one of your young ladies, but she`s gotta have herpes."

The madam, taken aback by the boy, asks him, "Little boy, why on earth would you want to ruin your life at such an early age?"

The boy says, "I don`t want to explain, Either you help me out or I`ll go somewhere that will!"

The madam figures his money is better spent here than somewhere else, and takes him into the back to meet his lady.

About an hour later the boy, still dragging the frog, tries to pay for his time.

"Keep your money", said the Madam, "but I`ve just got to know why a boy your age wants herpes so badly. Won`t you please tell me?"

The boy takes a deep breath and sighs. "Ma`am, you see this frog?" "When I go home tonight, mom and dad are going out, and the babysitter will come over. And the babysitter will get the herpes." Then mom and dad will come home, dad will take the babysitter home, and dad will get herpes. "When mom and dad go to bed tonight, mom will get herpes. "Tomorrow, I`ll go to school, dad will go to work, and the milkman will get herpes. "And the milkman," the boy sobbed, "the milkman is the son of a bitch who ran over my frog!"

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