Damm Duke

on April 18th, 2001

Tom was just out on a date with Jenny.... As Tom is taking Jenny home he feels this massive urge to blow ass...

Tom is trying deperately to hold in this huge fart until Jenny is out of the car...

They finally pull up to Jenny`s house and Tom is desparatly waiting for her to get out, but she just sits and talks to him for a while..Then she asks, "Why don`t you come in and meet my father"

Tom is thinking, "Fuck, I have to float this air biscuit or I am going to blow up" but he really likes Jenny because she just gave him a blow job at the drive-in. So he accepts the invitation to meet her dad.

They enter the house and the father invites them both to come and sit on the couch and chat..

Tom is desperatly trying to have a conversation but is struggling to concentrate because of the gigantic amount of butt-air building in his ass.

Finally, the dog, Duke, comes and cuddles up next to Tom.. Tom starts to think, " Hey, this is my shot, I can let a little of this fart out and they will probly think the dog did it" So he did...

The dad starts to smell the horrific stench, he says calmly, "Damn Duke".. but then he continues talking as before.

Tom is thinking, "Hey, this great, they think its the dog".. so he lets a little bit more out..

The dad, again smells it, he says in a frustrated voice, "DAMN DUKE".. but then continues talking

Tom, now feeling a little bit of relief, say to himself, "O.K. , I can just let it all out now because they totally think its the dog" So he does..

The dad smells it once again, stands up in a state of rage and yells " DAMN DUKE, are you just going to sit there until he shits on you"

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