Pick Ten Things To Shove Up Your Ass.

on July 27th, 2001

There were 3 men roaming in the jungle, an Englishman, an Austrialian and an Irishman when they were suddenly captured by cannibles.

The Head cannible was being lenient that day so he decided to give them a chance to keep their lives. "You must go into the jungle and pick 10 of one sort of fruit and come back to me!"

So off they went, the Englishman was the first back and he had with him 10 apples. "Right said the head cannible, to live you must put all these apples up your bum one by one without flinching or we'll eat you. So off he goes and he gets to about number 5 and lets out a painful sigh, so they ate him. Next the Australian comes back with 10 berries and the same thing happens to him, he must put each berry up his bum one by one without flinching or they'll eat him, so off he goes, he's doin really well until he gets to about number 9 and looks up and he lets out a giggle, so they ate him.

Up at the pearly gates, the aussie meets with the Englishman and the Englishman asks what happened? 'you were going great guns mate, you were nearly home free'.

'Yeah i know' said the aussie, 'I was fine until i looked up and saw the irishman coming back with 10 pineapples.

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