Buttered Corn In The Desert

on December 5th, 2007

Two guys are stuck in the desert dying of thirst.

As they walk for days and finally see a little hut.

With the last of their strenght they run to the hut and knock on the door.

This big, fat, hairy, smelly, ugly, lady answers.

The first man tells the lady about their situation and begs her for a drink.

The women says, "Sure, if you fuck me."

The first man replies, "I would rather die in this desert, then sleep with your fat smelly ass."

The second man wants to live and agree's to do the deed.

The second man and the women enter the hut, leaving the first man outside.

The women says, "fuck me then!"

The man agrees to do it only if she will close her eyes.

He looks around the hut and sees a table full of corn on the cob.

He picks one up, fucks her with it and throws it out the window.

The women opens her eyes and asks for it again.

The man agrees and repeats the deed.

The women is finally satisfied and agrees to give the man and his friend some water.

The man calls his friend in and informs him that the women is going to give them some water.

The friend replies, "Fuck the water, I want some more of that buttered corn."

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