Japanese Prostitute Trouble

on April 8th, 2008

A man spent the evening in a Japanese house of ill-repute and contracts a strange disease.

His member starts to display colors ranging from red, to green, to purple and several other hues.

In a state of panick, he contacts his family doctor, and is informed that his penis must be amputated immediately.

After two or three opinions from other family practitioners, he decides to try a Japanese doctor.

A Japanese prostitute, probably a Japanese disease... why not a Japanese doctor?

After finding a suitable physician in the Yellow Pages, he visits the Japanese doctor's office, knocks on the fringe, and hesitantly approaches the medical man.

"What can I do for you?" asks the doctor.

"Look at this..." replies the man, and drops his drawers, revealing his sickly little friend.

"Not for too long...", replies the doctor, "What happened?"

The man explains the circumstances, then asks the doctor, "Will you have to amputate?"

"No" replied the doctor, and he explained to the relieved man, "two.. three days.. that thing gonna fall off all by itself."

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