Man That Won't Run Away.

on March 8th, 2004

One day a really desperate and horny woman put a ad in the personal section of her local newspapper, the ad said "The man I desire, he must not hit me, he must not run away from me, and he must be good at oral sex, 2 days later the woman hears the door bell ring, as she goes to open the door she notices a man in a wheel chair but the man has no arms and no legs.

She asked the man "excuse me Sir but are you here to collect for some type of charity for the handicapped or something?"

The man replied no "I'm here to answer the ad in the personal section are you the woman who wrote the ad?" the woman replied "Yes I am".

The man replies "Well you want a man who won't hit you right ?" and the woman replies yes I do. The man says I have no arms so I can't possibly hit you ,and the lady agreed and said yes that's true, and the man also asked the lady, you want a man that won't runaway from you right, and the woman agrees. The man says "I have no legs so I can't possibly run away from you, the lady nods her head in agreement and she says that's also true, and then the lady asked the man "Well are you good at oral sex?"

The man stuck out his tongue and said, Miss "What did you think I rung your doorbell with..."?

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