The New Bull

on January 2nd, 2008

One day there were two bulls talking to each other in the pasture.

The Young bull looks at the older bulls and asks, " Did you here the farmer is getting another bull?"

This upsets the older bull.

"Before you got here, I had 120 cows to keep me happy. Then I had to give you 50.

Well I am not giving up any more of my cows!"

The younger one thinks a minute. " Well I only have 50 and he wants me to give some up. Forget it."

Just then the farmer pulls up and unloads the biggest, meanest and ugliest bull ever created.

The older bull says," Well at my age I only need a few cows, so I guess he can have as many as he wants."

The younger one starts stomping and snorting and puffing out his chest.

The old bull looks at him in amazement. " Are you nuts? A few cows aren't worth your life."

"Cows hell," the younger one shouts.

"He can have all my cows he wants. I just want to make sure he knows I'm not one of them."

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